Chapter 2 Human Growth & Development

  1. Psychoanalytic Theories
    theories proposing that developmental change happens because of the influence of internal drives and emotions on behavior
  2. Id
    in Freud's theory, the part of the personality that comprises a persons basic sexual and aggressive impulses; it contains the libido and motivates a person to seek pleasure and avoid pain
  3. Ego
    according to Freud, the thinking element of personality
  4. Superego
    Freuds term fro the part of personality that is the moral judge
  5. Psychosexual stages
    Freuds five stages of personality develpment throu which children move in a fixed sequence determined by maturation; the libido is centered in a different body part in each stage
  6. Psychosocial stages
    Eriksons eight stages, or crises, of personality development in which inner instincts interact with outer cultural and social demands to shape personality.
  7. Behaviorism
    the view that defines development in terms of behavior changes caused by environmental influences.
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Chapter 2 Human Growth & Development
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