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  1. Flustered
    adj. Nervous; confused
  2. Sluggish
    Adj. As if lacking energy
  3. Persistent
    Adj. Firm and steady
  4. Defiant
    Adj. Bodly resisting
  5. Metamorphosis
    N. Change of form
  6. Scapegoat
    N Person or group blamed for the crimes or mistakes of others
  7. Conflict
    N. Problem in a story
  8. Plot
    N. Sequence of events in a literary work
  9. Foreshadowing
    V. Using of hints to suggest upcoming events or situations
  10. Timorous
    Adj. Timid disposition, afraid
  11. Transfixed
    V. Hold motionless by or if by piercing
  12. Protagonist
    N. The main character, the good guy in a story
  13. Antagonist
    N. The bad guy, the force that opposes the main character
  14. Emulate
    V. To strive to equL or exceed; mimic; imitate
  15. Theme
    N. The main idea
  16. Malignant
    Adj. Evil in influence or effect
  17. Exposition
    Explaining of the meaning or purpose of something
  18. Usurp
    V. Seize and hold by force without right
  19. Solemn
    Adj. Done or made seriously and thoughtfully
  20. Renown
    N. Fame highly honored
  21. Resolution
    N. When the conflict in the story is resolved, usually in the end
  22. Auspicious
    Adj. Promising
  23. Substanial
    Adj. Meaningful amount
  24. Noun.
    N. A person, place, thing, or idea
  25. Verb
    N. Expresses an act, occurence, or mode of being
  26. Adverb
    N. Word that describes a verb
  27. Preposition
    N. Words used before nouns pronouns or other substantives that form phrases funtioning as modifiers of verbs nouns or adjectives
  28. Conjunction
    N. Connecters between words phrases clauses or sentences-and or but
  29. Adjective
    N. A word that describes a noun or an adjective
  30. Shun
    V. To keep away from
  31. Synergy
    N. Combined action or functioning
  32. Clause
    N. Construction containing a subject and predicate that forms part or all of a sentence
  33. Phrase
    N. Sequence of 2 or more words missimg subject or predicate
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