Eye Vocabulary

  1. arcus senilis
    corneal arcus - composed of lipids deposited in the periphery of the cornea
  2. astigmatism
    an abnormal condition in which light rays cannot be focused clearly in a point on the retina because of an irregular curvature of the cornea or lens
  3. cataract
    An opacity occuring in the lens, most commonly from denaturation of lens protein caused by aging
  4. dacryocystitis
    an infection of the lacrimal sac caused by obstruction of the nasolacrimal duct
  5. diplopia
    double vision caused by defective function of the extraocular muscles or a disorder of the nerves that innervate the muscles
  6. dyscoria
    an abnormality in the shape of the pupil
  7. ectropion
    the lower lid is turned away from the eye and may result in excessive tearing because the inferior punctum is turned outward and cannot collect lacrimal gland secretions
  8. enophthalmos
    a sinking of the eyeball into the orbital cavity
  9. entropion
    the eyelid is turned inward toward the globe, the eyelashes may cuase corneal and conjunctival irritation
  10. esotropia
    • (cross eyed)
    • the inward or nasal deviation of an eye
  11. eversion
    the act of turning inside out - how to look at the conjunctiva of the upper eyelid
  12. exophthalmos
    an increase in the volume of the orbital content, causing protrusion of the eyes forward
  13. exotropia
    • (wall eye)
    • the outward or temporal deviation of an eye
  14. field of vision
    the entire expanse of space visible at a given instant without moving the eyes
  15. floaters
    one or more spots that appear to drift in front of the eye; caused by a shadow cast on the retina by vitreous debris or separation of the vitreous humor from the retina
  16. fovea centralis
    a tiny pit in the center of the macula lutea that is the area of clearest vision, permitting light to fall on the cones; it appears as an oval yellow spot on the retina and is free from blood vessels
  17. glaucoma
    an abnormal condition of elevated pressure within an eye resulting from obstruction of the outflow of aqueous humor
  18. hordeolum
    • (sty)
    • generally caused by staphylococcal organisms - an acute suppurative inflammation of the follicle of an eyelash that can cause an erythematous or yellow lump
  19. hyperopia
    • (farsightedness)
    • a refractive error in which light rays entering the eye are focused behind the retina
  20. iritis
    inflammatino of the iris of the eye
  21. lacrimation
    secreation of tears
  22. lens
    biconves, transparent structure located immediately behind the iris
  23. lid lag
    the exposure of the sclera above the iris when the patient is asked to follow your finger as you direct the eye in a smooth movement from ceiling to floor
  24. limbus
    a border - the edge of the cornea bordering the sclera
  25. myopia
    • (nearsightedness)
    • a condition resulting from a refractive error in which light rays entering the eye are brought into focus in front of the retina
  26. night blindness
    pupils are slow to constrict so when light hits them, it's too bright and causes temporary blindness
  27. nystagmus
    involuntary rhythmic movements of the eyes; the oscillations may be horizontal, vertical, rotary, or mixed
  28. palpebral
  29. palpebral fissure
    the elliptical opening between the upper and lower eyelids
  30. photophobia
    increased sensitivity to light; the condition is prevalent in albinism and disorders of the conjunctiva and cornea
  31. pinguecula
    a small yellowish elevation situated near the inner or outer margins of the cornea
  32. presbyopia
    hyperopia and impaired near vision from loss of lens elasticity, generally develop during middle age
  33. pterygium
    an abnormal growth of conjunctiva that extends over the cornea from the limbus
  34. ptosis
    characterized by one superior eyelid covering more of the iris than the other or covering the pupil; drooping of the upper eyelid
  35. strabismus
    a condition where both eyes do not focus on an object simutaneously
  36. OU
    both eyes
  37. OD
    right eye
  38. OS
    left eye
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