Nerv system diseasesch5

  1. form of chronic, progressive dementia caused by atrophy of brain tissue
    Alzheimer disease
  2. chronic, progressive, degenerative neuromuscular disorder that destroys motor neurons of the body

    aka lou gehrig disease
  3. form of facial paralysis, usually unilateral and temporary
    bell palsy
  4. collection of pus anywhere within the brain
    brain abscess
  5. damage or death of the brain tissue caused by interruption of blood supply due to a clot or vessel rupture
    brain attack
  6. any type of abnormal mass growing withing the cranium
    brain tumor
  7. vague term referring to a brief loss of consciousness or brief episode of disorientation of confusion following a head injury
    Cerebral Concussion
  8. bruising of brain tissue
    Cerebral Contusion
  9. group of motor impairment syndromes caused by lesions or abnormalities of the brain arising in the early stages of development
  10. acute, reversible state of agitated confusion, marked by disorientation, hallucinations, or delusions
  11. progressive neurological disorder, with numerous causes, in which an individual suffers an irreversible decline in cognition due to disease or brain damage
  12. mood disorder marked by loss of interest or pleasure in living
  13. inflammation of the brain
  14. collection of blood between the dura mater and the skull
    epidural hematoma
  15. chronic disorder of the brain marked by recurrent seizures, which are repetitive abnormal electrical discharges within the brain
  16. acute inflammatory disorder that causes rapidly progressing paralysis (which is usually temporary) and sometimes also sensory symptoms
  17. Hereditary, progressive, degenerative nervous disorder that leads to bizarre, involuntary movements and dementia
    Huntington disease
  18. infection  and inflammation of the meninges, the spinal cord, and CSF, usually caused by an infectious illness
  19. familial disorder marked by episodes of severe throbbing headache that is commonly unilateral and sometimes disabling
    Migrane Headache
  20. disease involving progressive myelin degeneration, which results in loss of muscle strength and coordination
  21. incomplete closure of the spinal canal, which may allow protrusion of the spinal cord and meninges at birth, leading to paralysis

    aka spina bifida
    Nueral Tube Defect
  22. progressive, degenerative disorder that results in tremors, gait changes, and occasionally dementia
    Parkinsons Disease
  23. dysfunction of nerves that transmit information to and from the brain and spinal cord, characterized by pain, altered sensation, and muscle weakness
    Peripheral Neuropathy
  24. inflammation of the spinal cord, caused by a virus, which may result inspinal and muscular deformity and paralysis
  25. serious disease associated with aspirin use by children with viral illnesses, which may result in permanent brain damage or even death
    Reye Syndrome
  26. Pain, numbness, weakness, or tingling that is felt from the lower back along the pathway of the ______nerve into the legs
  27. Unilateral painful vesicles occurring on the upper body, caused by the herpes zoster virus
  28. Traumatic bruising, crushing, or tearing of the spinal cord
  29. narrowing of an area of the spine that puts pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerve root
    Spinal Stenosis
  30. collection of blood between the dura and the arachnoid layer
    (middle or second layer of the meninges)
    Subdural Hematoma
  31. nonmigrane headache in which pain is felt in all or part of the head
    Tension Headache
  32. noncontagious illness marked by severe, prolonged spasm of skeletal muscle fibers
  33. rare disorder, not caused by a neurological event or injury, that causes sudden, temprorary loss of memory
  34. temporary strokelike symptoms caused by a brieg interruption of blood supply to a part of the brain
  35. neurological disorder that causes severe, episodic facial pain along the pathway of the 5th cranial nerve

    aka tic douloureux
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