1. Which three (3) statements decribe the functions of time-division multiplexing. (Choose three)

    F) Multiple data stream share one common channel.    

    d) Statistical time-division multiplexing (STDM) was developed to overcome the inefficiency caused by time slots still being allocated, even when the channel has no data to transmit.    

    e) Sources of data alternate during transmission and are reconstructed at the receiving end.
  2. What is the default encapsulation for serial interfaces on a Cisco router?

    C) HDLC
  3. Place the PPP establishment steps in the correct order.

    Send link-establishment frames
    Send configuration-acknowledgement frames
    Test link quality (optional)  
    Negotiate Network protocol options
    Link goes into Open state
    • 1.Send link-establishment frames  
    • 2.Send configuration-acknowledgement frames
    • 3.Test link quality (optional)  
    • 4.Negotiate Network protocol options 
    • 5.Link goes into Open state
  4. What is the function of the protocol field in a PPP frame?

    C) It identifies the protocol encapsulated in the data field of the frame
  5. Match the LCP options configuration terms with the associated description.

    LCP Options:
    Link Quality

    compression protocol  
    allow load balancing
    authentication protocol
    Monitoring error control
    • stacker/predictor => compression protocol
    • multilink => allow load balancing
    • CHAP/PAP  => authentication protocol
    • Link Quality => Monitoring error control
  6. If an authentication protocol is configured for PPP operation, when is the remote peer authenticated?

    B) before NCP configuration process begins
  7. Why are Network Control Protocols (NCP) used in PPP?

    C) to allow multiple Layer 3 protocols to operate over the same physical link
  8. Which statement describes the PAP authentication protocol?

    B) It uses a two-way handshake to establish identity
  9. The network administrator is configuring Router1 to connect to Router2 using a three-way handshake authentication. Router2 is connected to Router1's serial 0/1/0 interface. Match the command necessary to configure Router1 to the appropriate description.

    configure the username and password 
    enter interface configuration mode
    specify the encapsulation type
    configure authentication 

    username Router2 password dcpe
    username Router1 password dcpe
    interface serial 0/1/0
    interface serial 0/0/0
    encapsulation ppp
    encapsulation hdlc
    ppp authentication chap
    ppp authentication pap
    • configure the username and password
    • => username Router2 password dcpe

    • enter interface configuration mode
    • => interface serial 0/1/0

    • specify the encapsulation type
    • => encapsulation ppp

    • configure authentication
    • => ppp authentication chap
  10. What is required to succesfully establish a connection between two routers using CHAP authentication?

    D) The password configured with the username of the router must be the same on both routers.
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