1. acabar
    to finish
  2. andar 
    to walk, to ride, to be (slang)
  3. aprender
    to learn
  4. ayudar
    to help
  5. buscar
    to look for
  6. caer/caerse
    to fall/ to fall down
  7. comer
    to eat
  8. comprar
    to buy
  9. conducir
    to drive, to conduct, to lead
  10. conocer
    to know ( a person or place)
  11. construir
    to build
  12. contar
    to count, to tell
  13. creer
    to believe
  14. dar 
    to give
  15. decir
    to say, to tell
  16. dejar
    to begin, to start
  17. empezar
    to begin, start
  18. encontrar
    to find, to meet
  19. entender
    to understand
  20. entrar
    to enter
  21. escribir
    to write
  22. escuchar
    to listen
  23. esperar
    to hope to wait for
  24. estar
    to be ( temp)
  25. estudiar
    to study
  26. gustar
    to please ( to like)
  27. hablar
    to speak to talk
  28. hacer
    to do to make
  29. ir/irse
    to go/ go away
  30. leer
    to read
  31. llamar / llamarse
    to call/ to call oneself
  32. llegar 
    to arrive
  33. llevar
    to take to carry to wear
  34. mirar/mirarse
    to look to watch/ to look at oneself
  35. necesitar
    to need
  36. oir
    to hear
  37. olvidar
    to forget
  38. pagar
    to pay
  39. pedir
    to ask for
  40. pensar
    to think
  41. perder
    to lose
  42. poder
    to be able
  43. poner/ponerse
    to put/ to put on clothes
  44. preferir
    to prefer
  45. quedarse
    to remain to stay
  46. querer
    to want
  47. regresar
    to return
  48. resolver
    to resolve
  49. saber
    to know (a fact)
  50. salir
    to leave, to go out
  51. sentir/sentirse
    to feel (what you feel)/ how you feel
  52. ser 
    to be permanent
  53. tener/tener que
    to have/ to have to
  54. tomar
    to take, to drink
  55. traer
    to bring
  56. tratar
    to try, to treat
  57. venir
    to come
  58. ver
    to see
  59. vivir 
    to live
  60. volver
    to return
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