chapter 2 section 4

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  1. acquit (v.)
    • 1. relieve from an accusation; pronounce not quilty; discharge; exculpate; exonerate
    • 2. perform one's part; conduct oneself
  2. consign (v.)
    give, transfer, or deliver, as if by signing over; hand over; commit
  3. effrontery (n.)
    shameless boldness; insolence; gall; temerity; nerve; chutzpah
  4. hamper (v.)
    interfere with; hinder; impede
  5. nettlesome (adj.)
    literally, full of nettles (plants with stinging hairs); irritating; causing annoyance or vexation
  6. prodigious (adj.)
    extraordinary in amount or size; enormous; gigantic; huge; colossal
  7. salutary (adj.)
    favorable to health; healthful; curative; beneficial; salubrious
  8. supersede (v.)
    force out of use; displace; supplant; replace
  9. sweltering (adj.)
    oppressively hot; torrid; sultry
  10. zany (adj.)
    having the characteristics of a clown; mildly insane; crazy; clownish; loony
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