U.S. History

  1. 20,000 to 12,000 BC
    Asian peoples migrate to North America across the Bering Strait
  2. 9,000 BC 
    Global warming led to the extinction of mammoths and other large game animals
  3. 1500 BC
    Agriculture developed in North America
  4. 300 BC
    Beginning of Anasazi culture
  5. AD 900-1100
    Mississippian culture
  6. AD 982
    Erik the Red reached North America
  7. AD 1001
    Leif Erikson established a Norse settlement in North America
  8. AD 1095
    Crusades began
  9. AD 1150
    Anasazi culture vanished
  10. 1418 
    Portugal took the Madeira Islands and begins colonization
  11. 1477
    Marco Polo's travel published in Europe
  12. 1492
    Columbus landed in the New World
  13. 1497
    John Cabot was first English explorer to North America
  14. 1498
    Vasco da Gama reached India via Cape of Good Hope
  15. 1493-1555
    Spanish savagery and European diseases decimated Native populations in the Caribbean and Central America
  16. 1519-1522
    Magellan's expedition sailed around the world
  17. 1512-1565
    Spain explored the Southern portion of North America
  18. 1519-1521
    Cortez conquered the Aztecs
  19. 1532-1535
    Pizarro conquered the Incas
  20. 1565
    Spain found a colony at St. Augustine, Florida
  21. 1585-1588
    The first English colonization attempt failed at Roanoke
  22. 1607 
    Jamestown founded by England's Virginia Company
  23. 1608
    Champlain planted French colonies at Quebec and Acadia
  24. 1612
    John Rolfe planted the first English tobacco crop
  25. Folsom Points
    Nineteen flint spear points discovered near Folsom NM which proved the first americans migrated to the western hemisphere at least 10,000 years ago.
  26. Land Bridge to Alaska
    The Bering Strait between Asia and Alaska was exposed ground during the last ice age and used by the first Americans to migrate to America from Asia
  27. Agricultural Revolution
    The transition from hunting and gathering societies to the domestication of plants and animals allowed vast changes in lifestyles and technology
  28. Incas
    Advanced Native American civilization of the Andes
  29. Aztecs
    Advanced Native American civilization of the South Central Mexican Plateau
  30. Mayans
    Advanced Native American civilization of the Yucatan Peninsula
  31. Tenochtitlan
    Capital of the Aztecs
  32. Anasazi
    cliff dwelling Native Americans in the southwest
  33. Mound builders
    Mississippian Native americans built earthen burial grounds
  34. Cahokia
    largest settlement of the mississippi culture
  35. Leif Erikson
    norse leader that founded a settlement in north america in 1001
  36. Prince henry the navigator
    Portugese prince
  37. treaty of tordesillas
    negotiated by Pope alexander the vi, treaty divided new territory by a line of longitude west belonged to spain and east belonged to Portugal
  38. Amerigo Vespucci
    Italian explorer where America got it's name. he first proved that Columbus had not reached asia
  39. Ferdinand Magellan
    first to sail around the world in 1522
  40. Requerimiento
    spanish document that informed natives of the truth of christianity and the necessity to swear immediate allegience to the Pope and the crown
  41. Conqestidores
    spanish explorers of the native people in the sixteenth century
  42. hernan cortes
    conquestidor that conquered the aztecs
  43. montezuma
    chief of the aztecs
  44. fransicso pizarro
    conquestodor that conquered the incas
  45. hernando de soto
    conquestodor that explored the southeastern united states
  46. ecomiendas 
    licenses granted by spain to adventurers in the new world that rewarded them with possession of conquered native villages
  47. menendez de aviles
    founded st augustine in 1565
  48. mestizos
    mixed persons with spanish and native american
  49. columbian exchange
    raw materials shipped from the new world to europe in exhange for european manufactured goods
  50. john cabot
    first english explorer to north america in 1497
  51. giovanni da verrazzano
    earliest explorer to new world from france
  52. jacques cartier
    french explorer searching for northwest passage and wealthy kingdom known as saguenay.
  53. northwest passage
    nonexistent passage sought by europeans through north america to asia
  54. samuel de champlain
    eleven voyages to the area that is now canada between 1600-1635..planting residence in quebec in 1608 and nova scotia
  55. quebec
    french canada along the st lawrence at montreal
  56. acadia
    french canada along the atlantic now nova scotia
  57. Huguenots
    french protestants
  58. Jesuits
    well educated but religiously uncompromising catholic order that established missions in New France
  59. John Baptiste Colbert
    french minister to the king louis xiv that forstered population growth in new france
  60. father jacques marquette
    jesuit priest that explored the mississippi river in 1673
  61. robert de la salle
    explored the mississippi fiver for the french in 1683
  62. Roanoke
    first english attempt at colonization in north america in 1585 that ended in failure due to conflict with natives in 1588
  63. sir walter raleigh
    responsible for planting the english at roanoke
  64. king henry the viii
    broke england from the catholic church and became the church of england because they would not grant him a divorce
  65. Act of supremacy 1534
    Declared Henry viii, instead of pope, the ecclesiastical sovereign of England
  66. Puritans
    Protestant religious group that viewed the anglican church as corrupt and sought purification of the anglican church
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