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  1. abashed
    disconcerted; embarrased
  2. abdicate
    to relinquish or renounce
  3. abominable
    worthy of or causing hatred; detestable
  4. acquisitiveness
    strongly desires of acquiring and possessing; covetous
  5. acumen
    keenness of perception or discernment in practical matters
  6. adventitious
    added extrinsically; not innate or inherent; accidental
  7. aesthetic
    dealing with the beautiful; appreciative of or zelous about the beautiful; artistic
  8. affable
    characterized by ease and friendliness; graceful; pleasant
  9. altruistic
    regard for or devotion to the interest of others
  10. anecdotal
    relating to narratives of interesting, amusing, or biographical incidents
  11. anomaly
    deviation from the common rule; irregularity
  12. antipathy
    an aversion or dislike; distaste; enmity
  13. antiquated
    obsolete; old fashioned
  14. apocryphal
    uncanonical; fictitious; of doubtful authorship or authenticity
  15. a priori
    existing in the mind prior to and independent of expereince, as a faculty or character trait; presumed, without examination or analysis
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