MUH 218 Melody Vocab

  1. angular melodies
    melodies that contain wide leaps and sudden changes in direction
  2. arpeggio
    playing the notes of a chord consecutively
  3. break (solo break)
    a bried unaccompanied solo usually 2-4 measures long where the rhythm section and others stop playing and the soloist gets technical
  4. cadenza
    a solo played with no accompaniment where there is no sense of pulse. most often occurs at the end of a piece.
  5. double-time
    the soloist plays twice as fast as the established tempo although the chords continue at the same rate. the rhythm section may also participate.
  6. embellishment
    the improvised decoration of a pre-existing melodic line
  7. horizontal improvisation
    melodic, scale approach to improvisation (linear)
  8. inside/outside
    refers to playing either within or against the harmony of the tune. outside often means playing wrong notes on purpose to create tension
  9. laid back
    relaxed feeling displayed by a performer playing or singling a melody or rhythm slightly later than expected
  10. lick
    slang for a short phrase or melodic idea
  11. motif
    short musical idea used as the basis for creative development
  12. motivic development
    improvisational/compositional technique that repeats a motif with cosntant modification
  13. phrase
    musical equivalent to a spoken phrase or sentece. a complete melodic statement.
  14. quote
    during an improvised solo, a reference to the original melody or another usually well-known melody
  15. repetitive development
    improvisational technique that repeats a motif without significant modification
  16. trading 4's
    the exchange of improvised solo sections between two or more soloists, one of which is often the drummer, in a call and response manner
  17. vocalese
    setting lyrics to transcribed instrumental jazz solos or pre-existing instrumental jazz composition
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MUH 218 Melody Vocab
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