study guide questions ch 1 educational psychology

  1. What are some examples of an expert teacher?

    • Infer accurately
    • Distinguish between relevant
    • and irrelevant information
    • Comprehend meaning behind
    • classroom activity
    • Are proactive
    • Identify instructional
    • and classroom management problems
    • Have complex, elaborate
    • and interconnected mental images
    • Possess good questioning
    • skills
    • Their mental images facilitate
    • their learning
    • Assess students frequently and reflect on results.
  2. Describe the difference between teaching and learning.
    Just because a teacher stands up in front of a room and "delivers" a lesson does not mean that she/he taught the information. If the student does not learn the information - the teacher did not teach.
  3. What are the characteristics of a novice teacher?
    • Do not infer accurately
    • Can't automatically discriminate
    • relevant from irrelevant information
    • Have trouble "reading
    • between the lines" of classroom activity
    • Are reactive
    • Have problems with complex
    • classroom phenomena
    • Do not possess sophisticated
    • theories of teaching
    • Lack questioning skills
    • Their planning facilitates
    • the construction of their schema
    • Assess infrequently and do not reflect on results.
  4. Define 3 models of research studies to understand and improve learning.
    • Descriptive studiesĀ  they describe educational situations and ideas those descriptions come from observations that individuals can then build theories to explain causes and reasons behind the original observation. In psychology, techniques used to describe behavior include case studies, surveys, naturalistic observation, interviews, and psychological tests.
    • Correlation studies are a measure and understanding of a relationship between two or more situations, these studies indicate how one variable may predict another. In reference to education professionals use correlation studies to look into how one aspect can affect the learning in any student.

    Experimental studies sometimes include a laboratory These experiments make controlled observations that greatly utilize the scientific method.
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