Wordly Wise Lesson 5

  1. Callow (adj)
    Young and inexperienced, immature
  2. Contemporary 
    • (n)
    • 1. A person living during the same period as another
    • Ex.
    • Martha Jane Canary and Annie Oakley were contemporaries.
    • (Adj)
    • 2. Existing or occuring at the same time
    • Ex.¬†
    • The earthquake was contemporary with the devatation that rackied the targeted city.
  3. Cynical (adj)
    Doubtful of other people's motives; skeptical
  4. Despot (n)
    A ruler with absoulute power and tyrannical control over a group of people
  5. Enunciate (v)
    • 1. To pronounce clearly
    • 2. To state; to annouce
  6. Impediment (n)
    Anyting that gets in the way; an obstacle
  7. Impoverish (v)
    • 1. To make poor
    • Ex.
    • Uncontrolled gambling can impoverish a person.
    • 2. To take away
    • Ex. Continual overfarming c impoverishes the soil.
  8. Indolent (adj)
    Indulging in ease; avoiding extertion; lazy
  9. Sagacious (adj)
    Showing sound judgement; wise
  10. Secular (adj)
    • Worldly; not connected with a church or religion
    • Ex.
    • The choir included a few secular songs in the memorial service.
  11. Speculate (v)
    To think about or make guesses
  12. Strife (n)
    Conflict or struggle
  13. Venerate (v)
    To show great repect for something/someone
  14. Voracious (adj)
    • 1. Ravenous, desiring and eating a great amount of food
    • 2. Greatly eager
    • Ex.
    • I have been a voracious reader since childhood.
  15. Wane (v)
    To get smaller, dimmer, or weaker; to near an end
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