(act by inhibiting prostaglandin synthase in particular the cyclooxygenase subunit)-which is involved in inflammation and platelet accumulation-
  2. Aceteminaphen,Ibuprofin-
    reversible competitive inhibitors of prostaglandin synthase
  3. Aspirin
    irreversible inhibitor of prostaglandin synthase- covalently binds to and acetylates aserine residue blocking the active site
  4. Vioxx(Celebrex, Bextra)-
    • target COX2 enzyme which synthesizes bad prostaglandins.
    •  COX-2 contains a valine which is occupied by isoleucine in COX-1 … this difference allowed synthesis of a drug which can bind to the active site of COX-2 but not COX-1 and selectively inhibit COX-2 action.
  5. Parathion
    what is it
    organophosphate pesticide
  6. Parathion what does it do ?
    • pestiside wich irreversibily inhibits acetylcholine esterase which is required for proper nervous system function.
    • -Ser in A.S. forms stable phosphate esters with orangophosphates
    • -acetylcholine levels increase leading to aberrant nervous system signaling,
  7. parathion symptoms
    -paralysis of the respiratory muscles and pulmonary adema
  8. parathion treatment
    atropine which interferes with the binding of acetylcholine to its receptor relieving the symptoms
  9. viagra (cialis, levitra)
    relatively specific cGMP-phosphodiesterase inhibitor which results in cGMP levels remaining elevated for longer following NO release and blood vessels remain relaxed with increased blood flow
  10. nitrogylcerin- 
    converted to No in teh body andi s used to treat angina. increase No relaxes blood vessels makes the workload and oxygen requirement of heart to go down.
  11. digitalis
    family of cardiotonic steroids which inibitit Na/K pump which increases contractile force of the heart and slow rate of beating (purple foxglove)
  12. tubocurarin
    • inhibits nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
    • found in curare arrow poison used by south american tribes in plants
  13. alpha neurotoxins
    • cause paralysis by blocking nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
    • produced by cobra toxin bungarotoxin, and conotoxin
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