Wordly Wise Lesson 4

  1. Adage (n)
    An old saying that has been accepted as true; a proverb
  2. Camraderie (n)
    Good will and warm feelings among friends
  3. Contend (v)
    • 1. To struggle with
    • 2. To maintain or support
  4. Extraneous (adj)
    Not relevant; unnecessary
  5. Hubbub (n)
    Noisy confusion; uproar
  6. Meander (v)
    • 1. To follow a winding course
    • 2. To wander aimlessly
  7. Odoriferous (adj)
    Having or giving off smell
  8. Paraphernalia (n)
    • 1. Personal belongings
    • 2. Equipment associated with certain activities
  9. Punctilious (adj)
    Careful of and attentive to details, espescially ones relating to good manners and behavior
  10. Recuperate (v)
    To regain strength and health
  11. Regale (v)
    To entertain or delight
  12. Sedentary (adj)
    Doing or requiring a lot of sitting
  13. Spartan (adj)

    Marked by simplicity or lack of luxury
  14. Temporal (adj)
    • Relating to the everyday world as opposed to to that which is spiritual or eternal
    • Ex.
    • Medieval kings were the temporal rulers of their states, but in religious matters they accepted the Pope's authority.
  15. Wry (adj)
    • 1. Turned or bent to one side in distaste or humor
    • 2. Amusing in a quiet but sharp way
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