Wordly Wise Lesson 3

  1. Allude (v)
    To refer to something in an indirect way(often used with to)
  2. Consecrate (v)
    • 1. To set apart as holy
    • 2. to dedicate to the cause; to devote
  3. Disseminate (v)
    To scatter apart widely
  4. Dote (v)
    To shopw excessive fondness for something (often used with on or upon)
  5. Exhort (v)
    To urge strongly; to warn or appeal
  6. Feckless (adj)
    Careless or irresponsible
  7. Implicate
    To show or prove to be invovled with something, espescially something dishonest or illegal
  8. Lament (v)
    To feel or express grief
  9. Monetary (adj)
    Of or relating to money or currency
  10. Pensive (adj)
    Deep in thought; dreamily thoughtful
  11. Pomp (n)
    A showy or dignified display
  12. Stilted (adj)
    Artificially stiff or formal in manner
  13. Subjugate (v)
    To conquer; to bring under control
  14. Trauma (n)
    • 1. A severe bodily injury
    • 2. Emotional shock
  15. Wanton (adj)
    • 1. Ignoring what is right
    • 2. Excessive or unrestrained
    • 3. Playful or frolicsome
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Wordly Wise Lesson 3
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