Wordly Wise Lesson 2

  1. Alacrity (n)
    • 1.Promptness in responding
    • 2.Eagerness
  2. Array
    • (n)
    • 1.A large group of people or things
    • 2.An orderly arrangement or display
    • (v)
    • 1.To place in order
    • 2.To dress up
  3. Deduce (v)
    To draw a conclusion from given facts
  4. Encumber (v)
    • 1. To weigh down or burden
    • 2. To impede the action of
  5. Fraught (adj)
    • Full of or accompanied by (usually followed by¬†with)
    • Ex.
    • I abandoned my Princess Peach because I realized that the road to rescuing her would be fraught with danger; instead I took a vacation at Koopa Cape.
  6. Haphazard (adj)
    Marked by lack of plan, order, or direction
  7. Incontrovertible (adj)
    • Impossible to dispute; unquestionable
    • Ex.
    • His statement that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere were rising was incontrovertible.
  8. Inexplicable (adj)
    Hard to explain or understand
  9. Ingenious (adj)
    Marked by imagination, resourcefulness, or cleverness
  10. Laggard
    • (n)
    • 1.One who falls behind because of moving slowly or loitering; a straggler
    • (adj)
    • 2.Lax
  11. Sustanence (n)
    Something that provides nourishment; food needed to live
  12. Torrid (adj)
    • 1.Extremely hot and dry
    • 2.Burning with passion
  13. Traverse (v)
    To pass over, across, or through
  14. Ubiquitous (adj)
    • Appearing to be present in large numbers or in many different places
    • Ex.
    • Tourists in Europe are ubiquitous every summer.
  15. Zenith (n)
    • 1.The highest point; the peak
    • 2.The point in the sky directly above the observer
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