CIS 110 Vocabulary

  1. programmable machine
    a computer; a machine capable of performing many tasks by reading a program
  2. hard-wired machine
    a machine designed to perform one task only, like a vacumn cleaner
  3. computer programs or software
    instructions to direct the computers operating system and hardware for a specific purpose
  4. instruction set
    defines all of the basic commands that the computer can execute
  5. machine language
    commands that make up the instruction set; low-level language
  6. graphical user interface (GUI)
    the interface used to interact with the program and the computer
  7. modules
    code segments
  8. reusability
    the ability of a module to be shared by many different applications
  9. client/server design
    involves a client & a server; example is a web-based form; involves programs client side & server side
  10. object-oriented programming (OOP)
    code that is developed to permit a broad range of operations to be performed on a specific data set
  11. attributes
    in OOP, the items that comprise the data set; also known as fields
  12. methods
    in OOP, the operations performed on the data
  13. object
    in OOP, a set of attributes along with the methods that are provided to work with them
  14. encapsulated
    data is only directly accesible by an objects own methods
  15. Application Programming Interface (API)
    interface provided by encapsulated data that prevents inappropriate or incorrect use
  16. algorithm
    a set of clearly written, unamiguous instructions that have been developed to perform a task
  17. pseudocode
    mix of English & programming language syntax that a programmer can translate into code
  18. high-level programming language
    a set of special words, symbols & operators that a programmer uses to write program instructions--that must then be translated to machine language for the computer to use
  19. compiling language
    entire sourcecode for a program in converted to an executable file before being given to an end user
  20. interpreted language
    execution of programs dependent on a special program known as an interpreter
  21. standalone application
    provides a complete service on a local computer
  22. network applications
    programs that run partly or entirely on remote computers, linked to the user across a network
  23. markup language
    provides markup instructions (usually in the form of tags) that simply describe data or indicate how data is to be formatted
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