1. Actual sperm released from a substrate may be as low as ______ of sperm deposited in stain

    Certain substrates, such as cotton, hold on to sperm better than others
  2. What are the 2 techniques for generateing a DNA profile from stained slides?
    1. xylene bath to remove coverslip/mounting mediua, tranfer bio material to extraction tube by scraping/swabbing

    2. laser capture microdissection
  3. Who collects sexual assault kit samples?
    • ER doctors
    • ME
    • SANE nurses (Sexual Assualt Nurse Examiner)
    • Most major hospitals
  4. How long do Sexual Assault kits take to collect?
  5. How long does it take to analyize a kit?
    several hours to several months
  6. How long are the kits retained?
    • Until the case has been adjudicated
    • until statue of limitaions has expired
    • indefinietly in homicide cases
    • maybe discarded sooner if victims requests or if case isnt reported to police
  7. What are the steps?
    • Control swabs
    • Toxicology testing
    • Known blood sample
    • Oral swabs/smears
    • Fingernail scrapings
    • Foreign material collections
    • clothing collections
    • bitemarks
    • head/pubic hair combings
    • head/pubic hair standards
    • genital,perianal, vaginal and anal swabs and smears
  8. Why is time since intercourse important?
    • -When IDing the presence of semen isnt enough
    • -a consensual partern may be a factor
    • -sperm cells can be unrealted to assualt
    • -aides in establishing time/circumstances of death
  9. Typical post-coital interval (PCI)
    intact sperm in vagina
    <24 hours
  10. PCI sperm heads
    ~2-3 days
  11. PCI sperm heads in cervix
    ~4-6 days
  12. PCI P30 in vagina
    <24 hours
  13. PCI AP in vagina
  14. Studies show that ____% of rapists do not ejaculate after _____ minuites of vaginal penetration

  15. The vagina is a ___ enviornment
    sperm hostile
  16. the cervix is a ______ environment
    Sperm friendly
  17. T/F Semen identified on anorectal swabs indiacts anal penetration

    • –Could be a result of contamination from vaginal
    • drainage
    • –Could be due to collection technique when
    • inserting swabs into the rectum
  18. What factors effect PCI?
    • Stage in menstrual cycle
    • washing/urinating/defacating/eating
    • Movement
    • collection technique
    • washings, swabs, smears, liquid saliva
    • death
    • temp and humidity
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