1. Dorsal Scapular n.
    • C5 and possibly C4 ventral ramus
    • Innervates Rhomboids, occasionally Levator Scapulae
  2. Long Thoracic n.
    • C5-C7 Ventral Rami
    • Innervates: Serratus Anterior
  3. Suprascapular n.
    • Superior trunk of Brachial Plexus: (C4) C5, C6 Ventral Rami
    • Innervates: Supraspinatus and Infraspinatus, GH joint
  4. Subclavian n.
    • Superior trunk of Brachial Plexus: (C4), C5, C6 Ventral Rami
    • Innervates: Subclavius, SC joint; accessory phrenic root to Diaphragm
  5. Lateral Pectoral n.
    • Lateral Cord of Brachial Plexus: C5, C6, C7
    • Innervates: Petoralis major, Pectoralis minor via branch to Medial Pectoral n.
  6. Musculocutaneus n.
    • Terminal branch of lateral cord of Brachial Plexus: C5-C7
    • innervates: Mm. of anterior compartment of arm - Coracobrachialis, Biceps brachii, Brachialis; skin of lat. aspect of forearm
  7. Median n.
    • Lateral and Medial cords of Brachial Plexus: C6-T1
    • Innervates: Ant. forearm (excluding flexor carpi ulnaris and ulnar 1/2 of flexor digitorum, 5 intrinsic mm. in thenar 1/2 of palm, palmar skin
  8. Medial Pectoral n.
    • Medial cord of Brachial Plexus: C8, T1
    • Innervates: Pectoralis Minor, lower fibers of Pectoralis Major
  9. Median Cutaneus n. of Arm
    • Medial cord of Brachial Plexus: C8, T1
    • innervates: Skin of medial side of arm to med. epicondyle of humerus and olecranon of ulna
  10. Median Cutaneous n. of Forearm
    • Medial Cord of Brachial Plexus: C8, T1
    • Innervates: Skin of medial side of forearm, to wrist
  11. Ulnar
    • Terminal branch of medial cord of Brachial Plexus: (C7), C8, T1
    • Innervates: Flexor Carpi Ulnaris, Ulnar 1/2 of Flexor Digitorum Profundus, most intrinsic hand mm., skin of hand med. to axial line of digit 4
  12. Upper Subscapular n.
    • Posterior cord of Brachial Plexus: C5
    • Innervates: Sup. Subscapularis
  13. Lower Subscapular n.
    • Poserior Cord of Brachial Plexus: C6
    • Innervates: Inferior Subscapularis, Teres Major
  14. Thoracodorsal n.
    • Posterior Cord: C6-8
    • Innervates: Latissimus Dorsi
  15. Axillary n.
    • Terminal branch of Posterior Cord of Brachial Plexus: C5-6
    • innervates: GH joint, Teres Minor, Deltoid, Skin of superlateral arm over Deltoid
  16. Radial n.
    • Terminal branch of Posterior Cord: C5-T1
    • Innervates: Post. compartment mm. of arm and forearm, skin of post. and inferolateral arm, post. forearm, dorsum of hand lat. to axial line of 4th digit
  17. Obturator n.
    • L2-L4
    • Innervates: Adductor mm.
  18. Femoral n.
    • L2-L4
    • Innervates: Iliacus, Hip Flexors, Knee Extensors
  19. Ilioinguinal n. and Iliohypogastric nn.
    • L1
    • Innervate: Abdominal mm., skin of pubic and inguinal regions
  20. Lateral Cutaneus n. of Thigh
    • L2-L3
    • Innervates: Skin on anterolateral surface of thigh
  21. Subcostal n.
    • T12 Anterior Ramus
    • Innervates: External Abdominal Obliques, skin of anterolateral abdominal wall
  22. Sciatic n.
    • L4-S3
    • Innervates: Hip joint, Hamstrings, All mm. in leg and foot
  23. Superior Gluteal n.
    • L4-S1
    • Innervates: Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Minimus, TFL
  24. Inferior Gluteal n.
    • L5-S2
    • Innervates: Gluteus Maximus
  25. Nerve to Piriformis
    • S1-2
    • Innervates: Piriformis
  26. Nerve to Quadratus Femoris
    • L4-S1
    • Innervates: Quadratus Femoris and Inferior Gemellus
  27. Nerve to Obturator Internus
    • L5-S2
    • Innervates: Obturator Internus and Superior Gemellus
  28. Pudendal n.
    • S2-4
    • Innervates: Structures in perineum: sensory and perineal mm., sphincter urethrae and external anal sphincter
  29. Nerves to Levator Ani and Coccygeus
    • S3-4
    • Innervates: Levator Ani and Coccygeus
  30. Posterior Femoral Cutaneus
    • S2-3
    • Innervates: Skin of buttock and uppermost medial and posterior surfaces of thigh
  31. Perforating Cutaneus
    • S2-3
    • Innervates: Skin of medial buttock
  32. Pelvic Splanchnic nn.
    • S2-4
    • Innervate: Pelvic viscera via hypogastric and pelvic plexus
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