Gyrocompass Therory Systems

  1. What is mechanical device that has a spinning mass, and a mounting system that allows the spinning mass to be pointed in any direction?
  2. What are the 3 basic parts of a gyroscope?
    • Rotor
    • Gimbals
    • Frame (Axles)
  3. What are the 3 degrees of freedom?
    • Tilt
    • Turn
    • Spin
  4. Which axles are X, Y, and Z?
    • Turn = Z
    • Tilt = Y
    • Spin = X
  5. What is described by the rotor spinning in one direction, reguardless of how the frame is moved?
    Rigidy of plane
  6. What are the factors affecting rigidy of plane?
    • Speed
    • Weight
    • Shape
  7. What is described as the result force will always take place 90 degrees in the direction of rotation from the applied force?
  8. What is described as any force operating through the center of gravity, will not cause the rotor to turn, tilt, but move as a unit?
    Force of translation
  9. Horizontal earth rate is _____ at the equator, and _____ at the poles.
    Max at the equator, and Min at the poles
  10. Vertical earth rate is ____ at the equator, and _____ at the poles.
    Min at the equator, and Max at the poles
  11. What describes a gyro located between the equator and poles, that appears to tilt and turn at the same time?
    Combined earth rate
  12. How many gyro elements does the MK 19 gyrocompass have?
  13. What information does the MK 19 gyrocompass provide?
    • Ships course
    • Pitch and Roll
  14. What is the side to side rocking motion of the ship?
  15. What is the fwd and aft rocking motion of the ship?
  16. What CKT provides the MK 19 gyrocompass with own ships speed input?
    CKT Y
  17. What panel of the Main IC SWBD supplies power to the gyrocompass?
    Panel 4
  18. What part of the ships course indicator is adjusted at the factory, and stops oscillations of the inner ring?
    Damping adjust
  19. What is the CKT designation for the gyrocompass system?
    CKT LC
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