DRA and DRT Systems

  1. What CKTs does the DRA combine to determine and indicate on appropiate counters, the total distance in a north/sought and east/west direction?
    • Underwater Log
    • CKT LC
  2. What CKT provides an input to the distance converter?
    CKT Y
  3. What component(s) does the distance motor drive in the DRA?
    • Total miles counter
    • Component disks
  4. The north counter counts _____ for north, and _____ for south.
    • Up for north
    • Down for south
  5. The east counter counts _____ for east, and _____ for west.
    • Up for east
    • Down for west
  6. What CKT provides an input to the ships course crank-arm mechanism?
    CKT LC
  7. What is the output of the DC stepping transmitters in the DRA?
    • Proportional to ships speed in north/south direction
    • Proportional to ships speed in east/west direction
  8. What component in the ships course crank-arm mechanism receives the ships course input?
    Course receiver
  9. What is energized when the brush rigging and split-ring assembly make contact?
    Follow up motor
  10. What is the CKT designation for the dead reckoning system?
    CKT TL
  11. What is a direct course that is north, south, east or west?
    Cardinal course
  12. What is the course called that is northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast?
    Inter-cardinal course
  13. What repositions the roller carriages on the guide rods?
    Crank-arm mechanism
  14. What provides a graphical plot of own whips travel, and operates dials that indicate latitude and longitude?
  15. How many tracking mechanisms are there in the DRT?
  16. What are the modes of operation for the DRT?
    • Standard
    • 200 YDS per inch
  17. When is the latitude and longitude switch ('T' siwtch) used?
    • Set to the proper quadrant of the earth in which the ship is operating
    • Change it when you cross the equator or meridians so the dials will move in the proper direction
  18. When is the component interchange switch ('Z' switch) used?
    Orients north in two different directions
  19. Where is the range bearing projector mounter?
    On the pencil carrier
  20. Where does the DRT receive input from?
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