Cable Installation

  1. What information does the cable comparison guide provide?
    Info on the most current cables authorized for shipboard use
  2. If a cable is no longer used, what section of the cable comparison guide will show you what cable type to replace it with?
    Supersession Data
  3. What does 'LSDSU' stand for?
    Low smoke, double conductor, silicone, unarmored
  4. What does 'LSMSA' stand for?
    Low smoke, multiple, silicone, armored
  5. What does 'TTSU-10' stand for?
    Twisted telephone pairs, silicone, unarmored
  6. What does the '10' in 'LSTTSU-10' stand for?
    10 pairs of conductors
  7. What is the purpose of cable maintenance?
    To keep insulation resistance as high as possible
  8. What is used to test IC cables?
    500V Megger
  9. What is used to test cable which is connected to CKTs with semiconductor control devices?
    Electron tube megohmeter
  10. What is used to test cable in sound powered systems?
  11. When should cable insulation tests be performed?
    Periodically to determine the condition of the cable
  12. What factors affect insulation resistance?
    • Length
    • Temperature of cable
    • Equipment connected in the CKT
    • Type of cable
  13. What is always required with shock mounting?
    Grounding straps
  14. What ensures a water tight seal between the stuffing tube and enclosure?
    Neoprene 'O' ring and locking nut
  15. What ensures a water tight seal between the stuffing tube and cable?
    Neoprene packing and packing cap
  16. What squeezes the packing between the cable and stuffing tube?
    Packing cap
  17. What allows entry into splash proof, submersible, explosion proof equip, and ensures enclosures are watertight?
    Stuffing tubes
  18. What is installed vertically and protects cable against mechanical damage?
    Deck risers
  19. What is used as a method to support cable and is required to be watertight, fireproof, and air tight?
    Modular cable supports
  20. What does the 'C' represent in 'C-MB-144?'
    Service Letter
  21. What does the 'LC' represent in 'C-LC-47?'
    CKT Letter
  22. What does '49' represent in 'C-FD-49?'
    Cable number
  23. What provides easy identification of cables for purposes of repair and maintenance of CKTs?
    Cable tages
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