1. What is the purpose of electrical blueprints?
    Aid in installation, maintenance, and repair of shipboard electrical equip
  2. Where can you find the drawing number and reference number on a blueprint?
    Title block
  3. Where would revisions, deletions or addition be identified on a blueprint?
    Revision block
  4. Where can you get a part number or federal stock number for a piece of equipment on a blueprint?
    Bill of Materials
  5. While reading a blueprint you come to a symbol, what would tell you what the symbol represents?
    Bill of Materials
  6. What are heavy unbroken lines that indicate visible edges of an object?
    Visible lines
  7. What are medium lines with short evenly space dashes to conceal edges?
    Hidden lines
  8. What are thin lines, short and long dashes alternately spaced and consistent in length?
    Center lines
  9. What are thin lines that are terminated at each end with arrows?
    Dimension lines
  10. What are thin unbroken lines used to indicate extent of dimensions?
    Extention lines
  11. What is the simplest of all electrical diagrams?
    Pictorial diagram
  12. Which diagram shows the outline of a ship, location of equipment and decks arranged in tiers?
    Isometric diagram
  13. Which diagram shows individual connections within a unit and physical arrangement of components?
    Wiring (connection) diagram
  14. Which describes the electrical operation of a particular CKT?
    Schematic diagram
  15. What shows in detail each individual conductor or terminal connection in a CKT or system?
    Elementary wiring diagram
  16. What shows the major units of a system in block form, showing the normal order of progression of a signal or current flow?
    Block diagram
  17. What shows cabling between electrical units and how they are connected?
    Interconnection diagram
  18. What diagram uses graphic symbols to simplify a complex CKT or system?
    Single line diagram
  19. What diagram would show electrical connections and mechanical gears?
    Electromechanical diagram
  20. What is used to locate prints?
    • Sib, Tech Manual
    • Ships Drawing Index
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