Etymology chapter 2

  1. baffle (v.)
    bewilder; perplex; fill with confusion; puzzle; frustrate
  2. cinema (n.)
    movies; motion-picture industry
  3. ebullient (adj.)
    overflowing with enthusiasm; exuberant; effervescent; high-spirited; vivacious
  4. exaggerate (v.)
    overstate; go beyond the limits of the actual truth; magnify
  5. exhort (v.)
    arouse by words; advise; strongly; urge
  6. expertise (n.)
    specialized skill or technical knowledge; know-how; expertness
  7. finicky (adj.)
    excessively concerned with trifles or details; hard to please; fussy; particular; fastidious; persnickety
  8. gall (v.)
    make sore; irritate mentally; annoy; vex
  9. gall (n.)
    brazen boldness; nerve
  10. inane (adj.)
    lacking significance or sense; pointless; silly; isipid; jejune; vapid
  11. indemnify (v.)
    compensate for loss, damgae, or injurym reimburse; repay
  12. occident (n.)
    west; countries of america and europe
  13. peruse (v)
    read; look at fairly attentively; study
  14. scuffle (v.)
    struggle at close quarters in a rough and confused manner; wrestle; grapple
  15. spurn (v.)
    thrust aside with disdain or contempt; reject
  16. stipend (n.)
    fixed pay for services; salary; regular allowance awarded a sholarship winner
  17. surveillance (n.)
    close watch over a person, group, or area; supervision
  18. tepid (adj.)
    moderately warm; lukewarm
  19. wager (v.)
    • risk (something) on the outcome of a contest or uncertain event; gamble; bet
    • noun-bet
  20. wane (v.)
    decrease in power or size; dwindle; decline; sink
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