Etymology chapter 1

  1. Ameliorate (verb)
    become better; make better; improve; enhance
  2. Detriment (noun)
    injury, damage, or something that causes it; dsadvatage
  3. Folly ( noun )
    lack of good sense; folish action or undertaking
  4. Impediment (noun)
    something that hinders or obstructs; hindrance; obstacle
  5. indolence (noun )
    idleness; laziness
  6. nocarcinogenic (adjective)
    not producing, or tending to produce, cancer,
  7. parsimonious (adj.)
    unduly sparing in the spending of money; stingy; miserly; tight fisted
  8. reticent (adj.)
    inclined to be silent or secretive; uncommunicative; reserved
  9. retire (v.)
    • 1. withdraw from active duty or business
    • 2. go to bed
    • 3. both
  10. retort (v.)
    answer; reply sharply or angrily
  11. retort (n.)
    quick, witty, or sharp reply; answer
  12. subvert (v.)
    onerturn or overthrow from the foundation; undermine
  13. tractable (adj.)
    easily led, taught , or controlled; yeilding; docile; amenable
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