self analysis

  1. What would knowing the fundamental law of life enable a person to do?
    To know how life works and to have a life that has good control and to be predictable
  2. What value would a knowledge of the fundamental law of life
    have for you personally?
    I would understand my life and know what I am doing and what the out come will be
  3. What is the only real guarantee of survival?
    • It is abundance, which has a large margin for loss, also age
    • which is length of time to live, true to ideals, honesty, love of fellow man, one survives as long as he’s true to, himself, family, friends, laws of the universe, survival is a graduated scale
  4. How could you apply this principle?
    • If your on a budget, of 1k a month, you would want to make
    • 10k a month, now one would have a good margin for loss, for good financial survival, so abundance is the key to survival in all aspects of life
  5. Describe Man’s greatest weapon.
    Man’s ability to reason, the selection of the ability to think, to change when the environment changes, death of reason proceeds the death of the organism
  6. Give a practical example of Man using this weapon to adapt
    this environment to him.
    • That would be man dealing with the hostile environment of
    • wild animals, man through the power of thoughts, creates a weapon to protect his family and other families, and they survive
  7. How does awareness relate to consciousness?
    Awareness decreases exactly as consciousness decreases, so the ability to perceive the world and the ability to draw accurate conclusions about it, are the same
  8. How does unconsciousness relate to death?
    • Because complete unconsciousness is death, so as one
    • gradually looses conciseness, one gets closer to death, gradual would be failing functions of the body, accumulation pain and failures in life and little or no pleasures, less capacity of sight, thinking and being know as death
  9. Define life as an energy.
    Life is a special energy, it collects and organizes matter and energy in space and time and animates
  10. What conquest is life engaged upon?
    • The conquest of the physical universe, mest, and to continue
    • to win in order to survive
  11. Describe the two specific things that life must do in order to survive.
    Life must procure pleasure, life must avoid pain, pain is a warning of non-survival, pleasure is a thrust toward life and survival
  12. How would procuring pleasure aid your survival?
    • Life has an active thrust toward pleasure, a desirable goal
    • that one can work toward and overcome obstacles and win, aids in survival, which would be a survival goal of happiness
  13. What is the function of the mind?
    • The mind is to compute and imagine ways and beans to avoid
    • pains and receive pleasure, and putting solutions into action, so the mind solves problems and determines one’s survival
  14. Describe the mind’s relationship to survival.
    If ones whole being or personality is working well in solving problems with proper action, ones survival is assured, but if ones mind, personality isn’t working well, resolving problems and putting it in action, survival is in doubt
  15. What is meant by the “halfway point”?
    A person stuck on the self dynamic for only its own survival, begins to diminish, then controls with force on other organisms, which is better then the halfway toward its own death, mind, perception of physical universe is half alive, doesn’t realize its dependent on others, the mind is outward bound toward death which one takes unconscious actions toward death
  16. Are age and health criteria of this? Explain.
    • Not for age, the halfway point is all connected with one being selfish, self seeking, outward bound with the omission of others, poor health could be a sign that one is closer to death or past the halfway mark, you have suicide, murder, regardless of age which shows that one is passed the
    • halfway mark, half conscious, alive, perceiving, thinking
  17. Define pain.
    • Pain is the warning of loss, also the automatic alarm system
    • built into life organisms, which informs that it under stress and to take action or die, a warning signal to help one survive
  18. What is “mental pain”?
    Mental pain is the loss of survival, organism’s or objects
  19. Give an example of mental pain.
    • That would be death of a loved one, or having something you
    • depend on for survival taken away from you, or stolen
  20. What does the accumulation of physical pain and loss bring
    about in an individual?
    • The accumulation of blows of pain and loss over a life time
    • results in a gradual loss of consciousness and eventual death, a slower process of death
  21. What returns upon erasure of physical pain and loss?
    • When all the stored pain and loss in the reactive mind is
    • nullified or erased, the full consciousness is returned and a rehabilitation toward survival takes place
  22. What can Dianetics do about pain and loss?
    • Dianetics makes it possible to cancel out accumulated
    • unconsciousness and pain of of ones past, and restore health, vitality, full consciousness and full potential
  23. Explain in your own words how restoring an individual’s full
    consciousness restores his full potential.
    • Because when one has a life time of stored pain and loss
    • removed, its like opening  the blocked  area so the life energy can pass into the body with out restriction, so the thetan  has full potential
  24. What does the Tone Scale plot?
    • The tone scale plots the descending spiral of life from full
    • vitality and consciousness down to half vitality and consciousness all the way down till death
  25. Describe the vitality and consciousness of someone high on
    the Tone Scale.
    • The person has high consciousness and vitality, is happily
    • reaching goals and is enthusiastic about life
  26. List the tones of the Tone Scale from 0.1 to 4.0.
    0.1 Apathy  nearly dead   0.5 Grief  Chronically in grief about looses   1.1  Fear  Losses are impending connected with past losses and future losses   2.0  Anger  Fighting against threatened losses   2.5  Boredom  Has lost some goals, cant locate others   3.0 Conservative  Cautious aspect toward life, reaching goals   4.0  Enthusiasm  happy and vital reaching goals
  27. Describe someone moving up or down the Tone Scale in
    response to various situations encountered in life.
    • A person  moves down the tone scale when one has a job and is happy, then hears there laying off workers, becomes fearful, gets the news that his company has to let him go, he
    • drops down to grief, becomes angry about the loss and gives up to apathy   Up scale ones out of work sad and in grief
    • about losses, then gets a call about a better job and becomes happy and excited
  28. What are the chronic and acute aspects of the Tone Scale?
    (Chronic) is a habitual sustained emotional tone one is expresses in life  (Acute)  is accumulated losses in life one is low on the tone scale and may fluctuate a little but remains at a low tone, stuck in fear, anger, grief, apathy for a long time
  29. What is the only mistake one can make in evaluating someone’s level on the Tone Scale (Chart of Human Evaluation)?
    Is when one may be in a lower tone in one department of life, but in another area, the tome could be higher
  30. How can the position of a person on the Tone Scale vary?
    • It can vary by good news and bad news, in life, in a day or
    • years, events and conditions play a part
  31. Give an example of someone you know and examine the chart to determine their chronic tone level. Now give an example of a time the person’s tone varied from that chronic tone level.
    • The chronic level is a 3.0 conservatism, watching sports and
    • getting excited about play, raises to a high 4.0 exhilaration
  32. Define necessity level.
    Necessity level is lifting oneself up in a emergencies, which can raise ones tone well up the tone chart for a brief period
  33. Give an example of necessity level raising someone up the Tone Scale.
    One is fearful and puts off doing things, then he  finds out that the landlord is coming over and immediately puts the yard in good order, after landlord leaves, it goes back the way it was , neglected and fear surfaces again
  34. How does the Tone Scale apply to groups?
    It applies that, bird of a feather flock together, so a group that is positive and dynamic will be uplifted and sustained at a high level, even one low on the tone scale will get a high boost
  35. Describe the tone level of a group you have observed or been
    a part of.
    Like a football team, all are on the same wave length, positive, energetic, focused on the same purpose
  36. How does the state of one’s possessions relate to different levels of the Tone Scale?
    • 4.0 excellent condition  3.5 good condition  3.0 fairly
    • good  2.5 some neglect  2.0 very neglected  1.5 broken, bad repair  1.1 poor condition  0.5 very bad condition  0.1 no realization of possessions

  37. What would you know about someone whose possessions were in excellent condition?
    That their high on the tone scale 4.0 exhilaration or enthusiasm, all you got to do is read all the categories and you will have a good idea about that person
  38. Define Light Processing.
    It includes analytical recall of conscious moments, to raise tone and increase perception and memory, can resolve chronic somatics
  39. What is meant by Repetitive Straightwire?
    • Its when you go over a incident, again and again that was
    • unpleasant, it looses its charge on you
  40. What is the “time track”?
    It’s a full recording of everything that happened in a person’s life, from beginning to end
  41. Are occlusions dangerous? Explain why.
    Past events not recalled, can become compulsive and can cause negative conduct
  42. Define the sense of time.
    • Its what is measured by mechanical devices connected with
    • the movement of heavenly bodies
  43. Explain why clocks and calendars are artificial symbols
    representing time.
    Because time is a commodity that is sensed by a person, change is the most striking symbol of time passage, time is confused by space, time is promise of a future
  44. Give the definition for the sense of sight and its subdivisions of motion, color perception and depth perception.
    Its when natural or artificial light sources reflect from objects, so light waves enter eyes and records events, subdivisions are motion, where sight depends on timespan to record a continuous changing picture, color could be, not seeing or seeing color in present time or in past recall, depth is object sizes and distances from each object, one may have perception blindness, either in present time or past recall
  45. Give an example of a profession that would require good
    perception of motion, color and depth.
    That would be a airplane pilot, they need to see color inside and outside the plane, they need to see motion the speed of on coming planes, and depth for distance from outer objects
  46. Define the sense of relative size.
    Recognition of ones size in relation to other objects of a scene
  47. Make some comparisons to show relative size.
    When one was young and small in comparison to ones parents, they were like giants, same as furniture
  48. Define sound.
    Sound is a vibratory energy emanation from moving objects, slow or rapid, which put vibrations in the air, that are picked up by the eardrum
  49. How can sound become associated with past pain? Explain
    A loud or angry voice can restimulate a past event of pain when one was struck, no longer in present time
  50. What are the different parts of sound?
    Pitch, which is vibrations per time unit, tone, either jagged or smooth, volume, force of sound wave, rhythm, part of time sense, or space between sound waves, deafness, no hearing at all, extended hearing, high alertness of sounds, depth perception, stereophonic, one can tell who far away, and the location of the sound
  51. Give examples for each of these different parts of sound
    • Pitch, woman screaming, tone smooth voice or raspy voice,
    • volume, classical guitar concert, rock concert, rhythm, morse code, dits and dahs, deafness, no sound
  52. What is the sense of smell?
    Smell is activated by small particles escaping from a object, which travels through space to be picked up by nerves, which is either pleasant or un pleasant to the senses, taste is also associated with smell
  53. Give an example of unpleasant and pleasant smells.
    • Un pleasant smell would be rotting food left on the counter,
    • pleasant smell would  be a rose in bloom
  54. What is the sense of touch? Include its subdivisions.
    • Sense of touch is the communication channel that informs the
    • central nervous system that some portion of the body is in contact with the material universe, other organisms, or itself, subdivisions, pressure, friction, heat or cold, oiliness
  55. Explain in your own words why a sense of touch is very important.
    If you lack this sense, you could be burned without knowing it, or wouldn’t know how much pressure to put on an object to pick it up
  56. What is anesthesia?
    That is when ones sense of touch is impaired or absent
  57. Give an example of anesthesia.
    • That would be a person who has no sensation of body parts
    • from the external skins nerve endings, could be burned easily without knowing it
  58. Define mis-emotional.
    • Not emotional, or emotionally reactive to ones situation or
    • environment
  59. Describe a situation to which someone displayed mis-emotion.
    What was the rational emotion for that situation?
    • When one listens to music and lacks free emotion to feel the
    • music and emotionally respond, rational emotion would be , being happy and responding the best way, with pleasure
  60. What, in Dianetics, is a “control case”?
    One that is ridged and feesl no emotions, numbed out which is far from being rational
  61. How could you tell if a person was a “control case”?
    • That would be a sickly person, being emotionally shut down,
    • affects the endocrine system, which affects the health of the body and one can not thrive
  62. Define the sense organic sensation.
    It tells the central nervous system the state of the various organs of the body
  63. Give some examples of organic sensations.
    When your relaxed and your heart is beating calmly, or you very active, running and your heart is beating fast
  64. What is the perception of personal motion?
    • Its awareness of change of position in space, the internal
    • awareness of your self in motion
  65. Give some examples showing how some of the other perceptions assist in the perception of personal motion
    Sight, seeing  yourself move as well as an object changing position of perception, body weight, weightless feeling, jumping on a trampoline, feeling wind while running
  66. How is external motion perceived?
    By many sense channels, and recalling things that moved in the past
  67. Give an example of how external motion is perceived.
    Moving fast in a car, motor louder sound, feel going back in the seat, objects moving past you fast, sight
  68. Describe how one can be aware of the position of one’s body as a perception.
    It’s a special perception, joint positions
  69. Describe some body positions and how a person could perceive each of them.
    Standing up, weight on feet, sitting down, knees bent, spine bent, arms bent, weight on body in the chair, sight perception of body
  70. What is meant by the “adaptive” postulate or the “adjusted”
    Its where one is adjusted to his environment, having little or no control over the physical universe, and organisms = mest
  71. On what does Man’s success depend?
    The ability to master and change his environment, man succeeds because he adjusts his environment to him, not by adjusting himself to the environment, being a slave to his environment
  72. What is the relationship between one’s health and one’s ability to handle the physical universe about one?
    • Your health depends entirely on your confidence and ability
    • to handle the physical universe about you and to change or adjust you environment so that you can survive in it
  73. Give an example where you have observed this relationship.
    A woman in a bad marriage that is being harassed and abused by a tyrant husband, the woman goes down the tone scale with bad health, broken dreams, disownment of herself and the physical universe
  74. What is language?
    It is the greatest shadow of illusion and control, believing that any and all words have force and importance
  75. Give an example you have seen of someone reacting to words
    as if they were physical force.
    Parent says to the child, if you do that your going to get it, a steady stream of words, to create fear of others and objects and to restrict behavior
  76. What do all languages derive from?
    The observation of matter, energy, space and time and other organisms in the environment, all words are derived from the physical universe and other organisms
  77. When answering the Self Analysis questions, explain why you do not want the time you were told to do something but instead want the time you performed the action.
    You don’t want the language of a past event, but the action of the event, because it has little importance
  78. How does one learn to “remember”?
    It is derived from action in the physical universe, so by placing attention on actions, objects, space, time, which language has not been developed
  79. What could be said to account for poor memories?
    When self determinism is violated, connected with his ability to handle himself, when things are forced upon him without agreement
  80. What action does the word “forget” rest on? Explain.
    • On the action of leaving something alone, one would have to
    • hide it or consistently take it away until the child goes into apathy about it
  81. Give an example of someone teaching another to forget
    A child wants to play with scissors, the parent takes them away from the child, and puts them where the child can’t get them, along with physical pain, the child forgets
  82. What is meant by something being pro-survival or contra survival?
    Pro survival is when matter, energy, space and time encourages survival and one goes up the tone scale, contra survival is when mest threatens ones survival and goes down the tone scale
  83. Name some items that assist survival but could also inhibit
    Fire can save one from freezing in the wild, but can also burn one alive in a house fire, water can save one from dying of thirst, on one can drown in a river
  84. What is imagination?
    Imagination is a from of computation, it gives calculated and instinctive solutions for the future, only with imagination can one postulate future goals to attain, postulation of images or perceptions into creation as you desire
  85. Give an example of someone using their imagination to postulate a future goal.
    That’s when one knows he’s imagining a goal with his minds eye, seeing what one has postulated about ones life doing out of free will
  86. What is meant by being in one’s own valence, compared to being out of one’s own valence?
    • Ones own identity or personality, seeing the mest universe
    • from ones own identity, out of ones valence is being someone else’s identity and seeing the world from their eyes
  87. How does being out of valence affect perceptions in recall?
    It makes perceptions hard to contact and recall
  88. What can result from being interrupted in physical actions in early youth? Explain.
    • Uncertainty of speech, stage fright, slow computation or
    • thinking, taking directions because of continual interruption, the child’s effort to explore the mest universe, a long chain of interrupted experiences form, the child becomes inhibited in various ways
  89. Describe a time you saw someone interrupted in an action and
    what occurred.
    A football game, one is running with the ball and is tackled or interrupted in action or stopped in the intention is denied
  90. Define domination and domination by nullification.
    •  (Domination) is controlling others with a threat that if you don’t do what I want you to do you loose my friendship, through silent treatment, anger, criticism, to make them
    • less and submit,( Domination by nullification) is covert cowardly wanting to invalidate the person, skills, knowledge, they appear to be your friend but their intention is to lessen and control, under the guise of helping you
  91. Give an example of someone using domination by nullification.
    A angry bitter wife, that appears to have the best interest in the husband and cautions him, saying that’s too hard for you, or your not good at that, you should do something else, it will cause you too much stress
  92. What is “invalidation”?
    It is confused apathy, the lowest level of nullification, they invalidate everything about a persons life, while appearing to be a friend
  93. Describe some ways an individual can invalidate others.
    Minimizing accomplishments, finding fault with accomplishments, pointing out flaws in a persons looks, looking for anything to criticize
  94. What are the three conditions you have lists for if recalling a certain thing makes you (or the person you are auditing)
    Physical pain, sorrow, elements
  95. Describe what you would do if you were running a Self Analysis list on another person and he or she indicated they wanted to avoid the recollection.
    Then you go to a later event, moving your way to present time
  96. Describe the beginning steps of the list that stabilizes any of the uncomfortable conditions.
    • A time that seems real, felt affinity with someone, in good
    • communication, felt affinity for someone
  97. According to medicine and experiment, how does vitamin B1
    and a heavy protein diet assist in processing?
    • Could result in nightmares and nervousness when undergoing
    • processing
  98. Describe the result you would achieve after running this list enough times at the end of a session.
    Feel refreshed, in immediate surroundings
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