Landing gear final

  1. 8306. What would be the effect if the piston return spring broke in a brake master cylinder?
    The brakes would drag
  2. 8307. In brake service work, the term "bleeding brakes" is the process of
    withdrawing fluid form the system for the purpose of removing air that has entered the system
  3. 8309. A pilot reports the right brake on an aircraft is spongy when the brake pedal is depressed in a normal manner. The probable cause is
    air in the brake hydraulic system
  4. 8310. Aside form an external leak in the line, what will cause parking bnrake s to dcontimually bleed off pressure?
    An internal leak in the master cylinder
  5. 8315. The braking action of a Cleveland disk brake is accomplishe by compressing a rotating brake disk between two opposite brake linings. How is equal pressure on both side of the rotating disk assured
    By allowing the caliper ot flat to automatically equalize as pressure is applied to the rotor
  6. 8316. If it is determined that spongy brake action is not caused by air in the brake system, what is the next most likely cause?
    deteriorated flexible hoses
  7. 8317. Many brake types can be adapted to operate mechanically or hydraulically. Which type is not adaptable to mechanical operation?
    Expander-tube type
  8. 8318. A brake debooster valve is installed in systems where the high pressure of the gydraulic system is used to operate brakes
    that are designed to work with lower pressure
  9. 8320. When leeding aircraft brakes, on of the indications that the air has been purged form the system is
    firm brake pedals
  10. 8322. Debooster valves are used in brake systems primarily to
    rduce the pressure and release the brake s rapidly
  11. 8326. power boost brake systems are used on aircraft that have
    high landing speeds
  12. 8331. Aircraft brake srequiring a large volume of fluid to operated the brakes generally
    use power brake control valves
  13. 8332. What is one effect a restricted compenasator port of a master cylinder will have on a brake system?
    The restriction will cause sllow release of the brakes
  14. 8334. Internal leakage in a brake master cylinder unit can cause
    the pedal to slowly creep down while the pedal pressure is applied
  15. 8337. The pressure source for power brakes is
    the main hydraulic system
  16. 8338. Which statement is true with respect to an aircraft wquipped with hydraulically operated mulitple- disk type brake assemblies? 
    Do not set parking brake wihen brakes are hot
  17. 8339. What type of valve is used in the brake actuating line to isolate the emergency brake system from the normal power brake control valve system?
    a shuttle valve
  18. 8342. The purpose of a relief valve in a brake system is to
    compensate for thermal expansion
  19. 8345. What is the purpose of a compensation port or valve in a brake master cylinder of an independent brake system?
    permits the fluid to flow toward or away from the reservoir as temperature changes
  20. 8349. Debooster cylinders are used in brake systems primarily to
    reduce the pressure to the brake and increase the volume of fluid flow
  21. 8352. If an airplane equipped with master cylinders and single-disk brakes has excerssive brake pedal travel, but the vrakes are hard and effecxtive, the problable cause is
    worn brake linings
  22. 8355. How can it be determined that all air has been purged form a master cylinder brake system?
    by noting whether the brake is firm or spongy
  23. 8356. The left brake is dragging excessively on an airplane on which no recent brake service work has been performed, the most probable cause is
    foreign particles stuck in the master cylinder compensating port
  24. 8357. if a brake debooster is used in a hydraulic brake system, its position in the system will be
    between the brake control valve and the brake acutation cylinder
  25. 8371. A pilot reports that the brake pedals have excessive travel. a probable cause is
    lack of fluid in the brake system
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