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  1. Ace of Cups -- Beginning of Emotions, love, relationships

    New Love

    A new love begins

    The new love possibility has problems getting off the ground.
  2. Two of Cups -- Balance of Emotions, love, relationships


    A loving relationship with a person or project

    A loving relationship has weaknesses or incompatibilities
  3. Three of Cups -- Stability of  Emotions, love, relationships

    Established love

    Established love, friendship.

    Something missing from a loving relationship
  4. Four of Cups -- Flaw of  Emotions, love, relationships

    Deceptive feelings

    Examine your emotions. Things are not as they appear.

    There is deception involved that you haven't detected.
  5. Five of Cups -- Challenge of  Emotions, love, relationships

    Emotional control needed

    Emotional reaction to a problem. Look at it more dispassionately

    Emotional reaction to a problem with little hope of seeing it for what it is. Meltdown.
  6. Six of Cups -- A step towards Emotions, love, relationships

    Way to happiness

    A positive step to happiness

    A step away from happiness
  7. Seven of Cups -- Expression of  Emotions, love, relationships

    Expresssion of love

    More mature expression of love, either a person or thing

    Expression of love has not yet matured.
  8. Eight of Cups -- Excess of  Emotions, love, relationships

    A rush of good feelings

    Emotionally overcome by happiness. These feelings are likely temporary. Look at them realistically.

    Emotionally overcome by sadness. This is not the true picture. Look at things in the long run.
  9. Nine of Cups -- Milestone of  Emotions, love, relationships

    • The wish card -- deep satisfaction, Emotional
    • fulfillment. One gets his wish.

    One gets some, but not everything he wants
  10. Ten of Cups -- Completion of  Emotions, love, relationships

    Higher love fulfilled

    Love fulfilled on a higher level, such as one’s true path in life.

    One outwardly has everything that is emotionally fulfilling, but something is missing.
  11. Page of Cups -- Nurture the Emotions, love, relationships

    Nuturing of the love

    A child, inner child, or quality that needs nurturing of love, or a child in need of love

    A child or quality is not getting the emotional nurturing he requires.
  12. Knight of Cups -- Seeker of  Emotions, love, relationships


    A young man or quality in one’s life that one is seeking for true love, a romantic hero

    One is seeking love in all the wrong places
  13. Queen of Cups -- Master of self as Emotions, love, relationships

    Lover of all things

    Mature, responsible woman or quality in one’s life of attracting love just by being; she may have no practical power in the kingdom, but is happy.

    One's life revolves around selfish love.
  14. King of Cups -- Master of environment as Emotions, love, relationships

    Empathetic helper

    • Mature, responsible man or quality in one’s life) of an empathetic helper, therapist, healer, who listens and understands love. He doesn’t deal as well with his
    • own problems as with others.

    One wishes to help others, but does so only if it serves his selfish purposes.
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