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  1. Ace of Coins -- Beginning of Resources, money, body

    New resources

    A new material project has exciting possibilities. 

    A beginning of a material project is weak or never gets off the ground
  2. Two of Coins -- Balance of Resources, money, body


    A relationship that is practically fruitful.

    A relationship that does not gell.
  3. Three of Coins -- Stability of  Resources, money, body

    Material foundation

    Money or resources coming in, enough to meet day to day needs.

    Money or resources coming in, but not enough to meet day to day needs
  4. Four of Coins -- Flaw of  Resources, money, body

    Resource weakness

    There is a flaw in this project. Look for it and correct it.

    There is a flaw in this project, but one endemic to it.
  5. Five of Coins -- Challenge of  Resources, money, body

    Lack of resources

    Loss of money or self esteem.

    Loss of money or self-esteem -- little hope for a change. It depends on what you think.
  6. Six of Coins -- A step towards Resources, money, body

    Way to resources

    A positive step towards greater resources

    A step that does not lead toward greater resources.
  7. Seven of Coins -- Expression of  Resources, money, body

    Material gain

    A significant material gain

    There is material gain, but it is not all that it could be.
  8. Eight of Coins -- Excess of  Resources, money, body

    Wait. Too much happening

    A lot of things happening. Take a step backward, review the situation before proceeding.

    Too many things happening. Better to postpone or cancel the effort altogether.
  9. Nine of Coins -- Milestone of  Resources, money, body

    Material riches

    Significant material achievement.

    A good material achievement, but more is possible.
  10. Ten of Coins -- Completion of  Resources, money, body

    All around well-being

    Completion of material well-being. Happy family card with enough emotional and physical well-being for all.

    One is surrounded by material well-being, but it is not enough for happiness.
  11. Page of Coins -- Nurture the Resources, money, body

    Nuturing of the material project

    A child, inner child, or quality that needs nurturing of a project of what one loves to do.

    A child or quality in need of material nurturing is not receiving it.
  12. Knight of Coins -- Seeker of  Resources, money, body

    Methodical, dependable

    A young man or quality in one’s life that one is seeking for in peace and harmony, a reliable, day-to-day plodding accomplisher

    One is inconsistent in his persistent effort to achieve a goal.
  13. Queen of Coins -- Master of self as Resources, money, body

    Self care, director

    • Mature, responsible woman or quality in one’s life of taking good care of herself, running the country herself. Others must do it her way. She is generous on
    • her own terms, possibly controlling in the process.

    One takes goodcare of oneself and one's possessions in a very selfish way, destructive to others' well-being
  14. King of Coins -- Master of environment as Resources, money, body

    Captain of industry

    • Mature, responsible man or quality in one’s life of a workaholic – major concern is being rich. They define themselves by their careers. Not connected
    • emotionally.

    A captain of industry whose only love is to achieve, at whatever the cost.
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