evolution of a science

  1. What memory recall should the optimum brain have?
    That would be 100% recall of every experience with senses, from beginning life to death
  2. Describe what type of imagination the optimum brain should have.
    To visualize in vivid detail things of the past with perfection
  3. Should the optimum brain be able to differentiate between actuality and imagination with precision?
    It should differentiate between both
  4. Give an example of a primary assumption that “all answers are basically simple.”
    Example of the axiom of the boiling point of water it works every time, at 212 degrees
  5. What is the Dynamic Principle of Existence?
  6. In terms of survival, what are the functions of the brain?
    The brain is on the same level as the cells, the make up the body, the brain resolves problems related to survival
  7. How do pleasure and pain relate to survival?
    Pleasure can lure one from unsurvival to survival, or action that promotes on future survival, pain can force one up the scale to survival, one finds out he has a life threating condition and does whatever it takes to survive
  8. Describe how one is lured ahead by pleasure into survival.
    • One is barely surviving and someone comes along and
    • convinces him that he can become wealthy by doing certain things, so he immediately takes action toward pro survival with excitement that he too, will soon become wealthy
  9. Following the postulate that Man was good, what was found?
    • That some controlling destructive thing had entered in man
    • like a demon
  10. Based on that postulate, give an example of what could
    direct a person to do evil things.
    That demon controlling factor in a man can be triggered by an outer event which can cause destructive behavior to self and others
  11. What were some of the classes of demons found?
    Audio, sub audio, visio, interior, exterior, ordering, directing, critical, apathetic, angry, bored, and curtain demons, most common
  12. Give some examples showing how such demons could affect a
    • Some could be angry and yelling because of what he thinks
    • happened to him but in reality, the demon of anger got keyed in by an outer event, also one that is critical of others could be in their reactive mind being commanded to find fault with others
  13. Describe the analogy of the brain to the circuits in a computer.
    • You have a computer with all it’s programing, but when a
    • virus enters the computer, it doesn’t function properly, the brain is the same way it has its own perfect circuitry, but when other circuitry is installed you have a demon like behavior that shorts out circuits of the brain resulting in
    • aberrated actions
  14. Explain how a “demon circuit” fits within this analogy.
    • A demon circuit can be installed in a person from a past
    • traumatic event only to be triggered by an outer event or circumstance
  15. Explain the difference between a normal state and basic
    • The basic personality is unaberrated, the optimum brain,
    • normal state would be aberrated, which some circuits from the exterior gets into one’s interior and sets up circuits against one’s survival, making him less able to survive
  16. What is the Doctrine of the Selection of Importances?
    • That would be like a sea of facts and being able to select
    • the ones of importance in contrast to others, so the important pragmatic facts were kept, others thrown out
  17. How could you apply the Doctrine of the Selection of
    It could be applied by the multifaceted aspects of a person’s life, the sea of facts then one can prioritize areas of importance and forget the rest
  18. Describe what is meant by “The unconscious mind is the mind which is always conscious.”
    There is no unconscious mind and there is no such thing as unconsciousness
  19. Give an example of a moment of “unconsciousness” that
    someone might recall.
    That would be an operation, or war trauma, to surface later
  20. Describe the doctrine of The Introduction of an Arbitrary.
    • That would be on believing and accepting something as fact without heuristic practice and being tripped up on miss or wrong information, example of the meaning of the word,
    • unconsciousness
  21. Describe an arbitrary you have observed and the effect it
    That one became unconscious when he was knocked out, but everything that happened in that duration of time was recorded, and voice commands could later be triggered and cause abrrative behavior
  22. In Dianetics are we dealing with structure or function?
    • We are dealing with function to obtain maximum operation
    • with a perfect calculator
  23. Using something you are familiar with, work out the difference between its structure and its function.
    That would be a electric fan, its structure is how it was designed and built, its function is what it does
  24. What is the analytical mind?
    It is the analyzer
  25. Explain how the analytical mind relates to the “I”.
    • The analytical mind is the computer and the I is the one
    • operating the computer
  26. Did the perfect computer have to be self-determined?
    • A perfect computer has to be self determined or you have a
    • bad computation
  27. What is the result of an exterior determinism overbalancing
    a person’s self-determinism?
    The correctness of computation of solutions become aberratedand falls off rapidly
  28. What is meant by a held-down 7?
    • Exterior determinism or a wrong enforced datum in a person
    • as a held down 7 will cause a person to come up with all the wrong answers in life, no mater how accurate the data he takes in to help him, example of a homeless man, his held down 7 could be, I don’t deserve a home, I’m a failure
  29. How does the held-down 7 affect a person’s ability to come
    up with correct answers? Give an example of this.
    • The solution to any problem will be the wrong answer, one
    • trying to loose weight, takes in all the right data to loose weight, engram gets keyed in , that makes them eat the wrong kind of food, as kid crying and sad, then sweets are given to make them happy
  30. What is the reactive mind?
    • The reactive mind is a stimulus-response mind, it has no
    • power of choice, it operates in moments of enormous pain, it thinks in identities, its actions are exteriorly determined, it motivates by pain for survival, it’s a back up mind when the analytical mind is pained out
  31. Explain how the reactive mind thinks and acts.
    The reactive mind thinks in turn of survival, it has no power of choice and reacts all the way down the tone scale, everything equals the programing
  32. Define engram.
    • An engram is a period of physical pain when the analyzer is
    • out of circuit, and everything that happened is recorded in the reactive mind, for restimulation
  33. Give an example of an engram.
    • Someone is being beaten, and every hit becomes a syllables
    • in the words spoken, your no good, everything is recorded in the reactive mine
  34. How does dramatization of an engram take place?
    • When its thoroughly pushed on, and one dramatizes the past
    • event
  35. Give an example of an engram being dramatized.
    That would be a parent, physically abusing their child, all the triggers restimulate, the engram and the parent beats their child the way his parents beat him
  36. Describe the “black panther mechanism.”
    • 5 ways to handle a engram,  1 could attack it,  2 flee from
    • it,  3 avoid it,  4 neglect it,  5 succumb to it, and its counterpart in the exterior world
  37. Describe a situation and the five ways you could handle it.
    • There’s a vicious dog in the path I want to go, I can attack
    • it with a hammer, avoid it and go a different direction, succumb to it and let it bite me, flee from it and run only to be bitten, or neglect it as if it isn’t there, I myself would stand my ground and walk backwards
  38. Why do societies degenerate?
    • Because of the dramatization of engrams which passes that
    • same ingram to another person, a person does what was done to him, engrams are contagious
  39. Explain how the descending spiral of a society can be observed.
    • When one receives an engram, it makes it easier to receive
    • another engram, which carry physical pain, phycsomatics, which reduces general tone making one more susceptible for more engrams, what is done to one generation is passed on to the next and the next
  40. What are locks?
    A lock is a situation of mental anguish, it depends on the force of the engram, its known to the analyzer, it’s a moment of restimulation of an ingram
  41. Give an example of a lock and the engram to which it might
    be appended.
    • The lock would be a head ache, one is aware of, the engram
    • was when he was four he fell and hit his head, the sound of a passing car was recorded in the reactive mind, waiting for restimulation
  42. What type of physical ailments could be caused by prenatal
    Can cause asthma and eye strain and other somatics galore
  43. What is a sympathy computation and what is its effect?
    • Its where one is injured or sick and gets sympathy, then the
    • effect is that , that person wants sickness or injury to have sympathy or attention
  44. Give your own example showing the result of an engram
    containing a sympathy computation.
    • One learns how to get attention, and control from family, by
    • having a hard time breathing which engram came from birth, when one gets all the attention, that person wants to continue with asthma
  45. What has Dianetics revealed about the basic nature of Man?
    • It reveals that the nature of man is good and well as his
    • purposes and intent
  46. Give some examples of constructive purposes and intents of
    Constructive purpose would be man wants to grow and prosper as self, family, group, mankind, intention is to survive and create
  47. What is the approach of Dianetics to the problems confronting Man’s endeavor?
    From the cause approach with results and cures for the better of all mankind
  48. How does Dianetics offer hope that Man may continue his process of evolution toward a higher organism?
    • A new sort of mental health, a new approach to solutions for
    • mankind, new field to research, that mankind can avoid its own destruction
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