Classification of Neurons

  1. Sensory/Afferent Neurons
    neurons carrying impulses from sensory receptors to the CNS
  2. receptors
    dendrite endings of the sensory neurons are usually associated with specialized receptors activated by specific changes, pain receptors are the least specialized and most numerous
  3. motor/efferent neurons
    neurons carrying impulses from the CNS to the muscles/glands, always located in the CNS
  4. multi-polar neuron
    • Image Upload 2
    • processes extending from the cell body, most common structural type (all motor and most association neurons)
  5. bipolar neurons
    • two processes (an axon and a dendrite), rare in adults and found in only some special sense organs (eye, ea
    • r)Image Upload 4
  6. unipolar neuron
    single process emerging from the cell body, sensory organs found in the PNS ganglia are unipolarImage Upload 6
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Classification of Neurons
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