Summer Reading Junior

  1. Wrote a section of 5 boyhoods; lived in a big house in Long Island; obsessed with baseball and the Red Sox; wrote the Intro
    William Zinsser
  2. Wrote Growing Up; New York Times columnist;said 1st draft sucked and that it was a "reporter's book." It was about his family during the Depression and their problems with poverty.
    Russell Baker
  3. Author of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and An American Childhood; about being put down in a going world. Lived in Pittsburgh, worked at Cape Cod
    Annie Dillard
  4. Wrote A Walker in the City; about Immigrant Jews in Brooklyn. Was a dean of American literary critics; Wrote 3 memoirs. Wrote about how memoir was how he claimed his American Birthright.
    Alfred Kazin
  5. Strong African American presence; wrote Song of Solomon and Beloved. Used narratives of slaves to create a memoir
    Toni Morrison
  6. Wrote Poets in Their Youth; About her life with her 1st husband, John Berryman, and his poems. Wrote Orphans and Reversals; memoir about being stupid and dislexic
    Eileen Simpson
  7. Wrote Family; About his family after leaving his apartment in Ohio. Talked about the decline of Protestant establishment
    Ian Frazier
  8. Wrote Colored People; Recalled childhood in Piedmont, West Virginia. About the specialness of black culture when no white people were around.
    Henry Louis Gates Jr.
  9. Wrote Road To Coorain; Australian Outback; about American a romantic plot with a Heroic Heroine. President at Smith College
    Jill Ker Conway
  10. Wrote Angela's Ashes; About growing up in the slums of Limerick; Talked about the murder of self-esteem by national culture. Wrote Angela's ashes at 64
    Frank McCourt
  11. Always followed by yellow butterflies; started a relationship with Meme by visiting her through the roof. Fernanda disapproves of their relationship and sets a guard outside the house; mistaken for a chicken thief and shot; paralyzed afterwards
    Mauricio Babilonia
  12. Daughter of Ursula and Jose Arcadio Buendia; Virgin who rejects Pietro Crespi and Colonel Gerineldo Marquez. Hates Rebecca
  13. A fifth-generation Buendia and daughter of Fernanda and Aureliano Segundo, this character finishes her education in Belgium. There she marries a rich aviator named Gaston. Later has an affair with her nephew.
    Amaranta Ursula
  14. The second son of Ursula is this character, whobegins the story and remains in the limelight almost until the book's climax.He is a quiet boy who takes to the alchemical laboratory with enthusiasm andbecomes a wealthy silversmith famed for his little golden fishes. Born into theworld "with his eyes open", he has premonitions throughout his life.
    Colonel Aureliano Buendia
  15. This character is adopted by Amaranta after she blames herself for the accidental death of little Remedios. He awakens to manhood while in the bath with her. When their caresses threaten Amaranta's virginity, he leaves with his father but returns years later, "sturdy as a horse, as dark and long-haired as an Indian, and with a secret determination to marry Amaranta." Son of Colonel Aureliano Buendia and Pilar Tenera;
    Aureliano Jose
  16. This character is one of the twin sons of Arcadio and Santa Sofia de la Piedad. He is a glutton who holds wild parties and bathes in champagne. Marries Fernanda and is the father of Meme, Jose Arcadio and Amaranta Ursula.
    Aureliano Segundo
  17. Son of Meme and Mauricio Babiloma, this character is a sixth-generation Buendia and a bastard. Due to his scandalous birth, he grows up in deeper solitude than the rest of the family. He is kept in a single room for the first few years of life, and never leaves the house until he is grown.
    Aureliano (Gen 4)
  18. This character is the child of Aureliano andAmaranta Ursula and survives his mother's death. The last Buendia has realizedthe fear of the family's inbreeding--he has a pig's tail. eaten by ants
    Aureliano (5th Gen)
  19. Patriarch and founder of Macondo, obsessed with the gypises inventions and slowly falls into insanity.
    Jose Arcadio Buendia
  20. The first son of Ursula, this character "was so well-equipped for life that he seemed abnormal". Not wanting to face fatherhood, this character leaves with the gypsies. He travels the world and returns as a giant, illustrated from head to toe. Dies mysteriously from a gunshot in his house. unknown if murder or suicide
    Jose Arcadio
  21. This character is the illegitimate son of JoseArcadio (II) and Pilar Ternera. He suffers from not having a father whoacknowledges him. Although raised by the Buendia family, he never believes heis one of them. He is taught reading and silversmithing by Colonel Aureliano,and receives some attention from Melquiades.
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