Colonial American History Terms

  1. Age of Discovery
    around 1500 when a spark for trade with Asia made it possible for countries to seek out and discover new routes to India and China. This led to the rediscovery of the Americas as well as a route around the cape of Africa introducing new lands for conquest and colonization in seek of wealth. And further exploration to find a way through or around the Americas.
  2. Crusades
    the Christian crusades were fought in vain for the holy land which were under the possession of the Muslims, but brought a desire for eastern luxuries such as silk and spices which was a major step in the direction to the Age of Discovery.
  3. Prince Henry
    Henry the Navigator from Portugal and made a School of Navigation ordered the capstans to go sail around Africa.
  4. Vasco De Gama
    made it to India by sailing across Africa while Diaz failed.
  5. Pedro Cabral
    sailed for Portugal, trying to go from Portugal down Africa to India. Got lost ended up in South America, Brazil and claimed it for Portugal.
  6. Treaty of Tordesillas
    - between Spain and Portugal. Pope created Papal line of demarcation which divided the new world.
  7. Hernando Cortes
    He was let into the capital because they thought he was the god Quetzalcoatl. Concurred the Aztecs. 
  8. Francisco Pizarro
    concurred the Incas in 1532.
  9. mercantilism
    each nation goal to export more than import. Difference made up in the possession of gold to make nation strong militarily and economically. Believed worlds wealth was sharply limited.
  10. Roanoke
    Francis Drake’s colony went missing on Roanoke Island in North Carolina.
  11. Henry Hudson
    river named after. Disobeyed orders and sailed northeast and sailed Delaware bay and New York bay in vain to find a northwest passage.
  12. John Smith
    saved Jamestown doesn’t work doesn’t eat.
  13. John Rolfe
    English colonist in Jamestown, Virginia married Pocahontas. Created tobacco. 
  14. Jamestown
    named after James I who granted charter to colonies in the new world, swampy diseased location first permanent English Settlement.
  15. Joint-stock Companies
  16. House of Burgesses
  17. Headright System
  18. Lord Baltimore
  19. Act of Toleration of 1649
  20. New Netherlands
  21. New Sweden
  22. Carolinas
  23. James Oglethorpe
  24. Pilgrims of Plymouth
  25. William Bradford
  26. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
  27. Roger Williams
  28. Rhode Island
  29. Anne Hutchinson
  30. New Hampshire
  31. William Penn
  32. New Jersey
  33. Delaware
  34. Chesapeake Region
  35. Triangular Trade
  36. Piedmont
  37. Tidewater
  38. Congregationalism
  39. Predestination
  40. Blue Laws
  41. Salem
  42. Half Way Covenant
  43. Great Awakening
  44. Jonathon Edwards
  45. George Whitefield
  46. "New v. Old Lights"
  47. Enlightenment
  48. Harvard
  49. Quakers
  50. John Peter Zenger
  51. Bacon's Rebellion
  52. "Freedom Dues"
  53. Benjamin Franklin
  54. town meetings
  55. Power of the Purse
  56. Molasses Act of 1733
  57. Enumerated Commodities
  58. Salutary Neglect
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