MTA Web Development Fundamentals Online Expert Session 4

  1. Forms authentication
    ASP.NET Membership
    • Usesd SQL Express as the database to store members informmaiton in. 
    • Support users and roles (used to group users)
    • can be called with an simple if statement
  2. ASP.NET Membership Controls
    • LoginView - Displays username
    • LoginControl - Prompts users for credentials
    • CreateUserWizard - Multi-page control that walks user through setting up and account including that password and verify the email addres. 
    • ChangePassword - Lets you change your password
    • PasswordRecovery - Send email if you use the forgot password link
  3. Windows Authentication
    Windows Membership
    • Access buit-in windows user database to authenticate users.
    • local user database, active directory
    • Allows users in active directory to logon automatically
  4. Impersonation
    • Web server can take the users credentials and use them to access resources on the internal network. 
    • Can access databases that are secure
    • No possibility to get higher access
    • Auditing
    • Disabled by default
  5. Microsoft Passport (Windows Live ID)
    No longer used
  6. Microsoft Windows Cardspace
    • Provided cross web authentication
    • no longer used
  7. What does Validation do
    • It ensures that the data entered matched a spicifc format
    • It improves securty by blocking bad data improves integrity
    • eases data entry and prvides feedback to corrrect forms
  8. Validation Classes
    • RequriedFieldValidator - user has to imput data
    • RangeValidator - validates range of data
    • RegularExpressionValidatior - a complex range of number and letters that define a pattern. Hard to write, can find them on the web. 
    • DynamicValidator - Communitcates back to the server whatever the user has typed without a full postback
    • ValidationSummary - list validation errors on a page
  9. Overview of CSS
    • Cascading Style Sheets
    • formats web pages
    • Can have mutiple style sheets
    • defined with a <link> to attach to a page
    • Asssociate a style with a class by staring it with a . (.class)
    • Asssociate a style with a control by ID startit with a # (#id)
    • Local Settings override style sheet unless the !important is used
  10. Three main types Client Side Storage
    • Cookies - Little bits of data stored client side that rember user settings and preferences
    • Query Stirngs - added to the URL, allows users to share links. Cross page posting
    • Control State/View State - Data is hidden as part of the form
  11. Three types of Server Side Storage
    • Session Object - Uneque to each users
    • Application Object - Availible to all users and stays in memorgy
    • Databases - persistant through restart centralized
  12. Types of Controls
    • HTML control - cannot be accessed by
    • Server Controls - give access to ASP.NET
    • User Controls - care collections of controls
    • Custom Controls - more complex then users conrtols
  13. Exceptions
    • Can be caught in a try-catch-finaly block
    •   Finally runs without an exception
    • Catch the most spicific exception type possible. 
    • <customErrors> in the web.config file
  14. Tracing
    • Way to get feedback on your application without debugging. 
    • Show execution time
    • HTTP headers
    • Client IP address
    • Query String Peramerters
    • Every cookie
  15. Page Life Cycle
    • Inti
    • PreInit
    • PreLoad 
    • Load (most commonly used event)
    • Controls are rendered in the event of a postback
    • PreRender
    • Render
  16. Application Pools
    • Feature of IIS that allow different application to be isolated from each other. 
    • Also used to specify a version of the .NET framework
    • Windows 2003 allow you to copy application pools
  17. Deployment Methods
    • Web Packages - creates a zip file with a script for automatic deployment on a web server. 
    • XCopy - just copy the files to the server ftp, explorer
    • Publishing - Uses webddploy, can configure application pools and other IIS settings
    • Windows Installer Packages - .msi files used to install windows applications. can make configuration changes to the server.
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