1. What is tequila made of
    Agave plant from mexico
  2. Name some common tequila
    • Cabo Wabo
    • Corazon
    • Herradura
    • Jose Cuervo
    • Patron
    • Sauza
    • Don Julio
  3. What is brandy made of
    Distilling wine or fruit and aging it
  4. Name some brandy
    • Christian brothers
    • E&J
  5. Name some fruit brandy
    • Applejack
    • Framboise: Raspberries
    • Kirsch: Cherries
    • Poire: Pears
  6. Cognac
    A brandy produced in France
  7. Name some Cognac
    • Courvoisier
    • Hennessy
    • Remy Martin
  8. Alize
    A bland of passion fruit juices and cognac
  9. Amaretto
    An almond amd apricot flavored cordial
  10. Baileys
    Fresh dairy cream and Irish whiskey
  11. Black haus
    Made from blackberries
  12. Chambord
    Made with framboise, fruit, herb and honey
  13. Cointreau
    Clear cordial made from sweet and bitter oranges
  14. Frangelico
    Wild hazelnuts blended with berries and flowers
  15. Grand Marnier
    wild oranges and cognac
  16. Hypnotiq
    Cognac, vodka and fruit juices
  17. Kahlua
    Coffee and the alcohol distilled from cane sugar
  18. Sambuca
    licorice flavored Italian liquer
  19. Sake
    Japanese wine made from fermented rice
  20. Southern comfort
    Bourbon, brandy, peaches and herbs
  21. Tia maria
    Jamaican rum liquer
  22. Triple Sec
    a liquer made from the curacao oranges
  23. Tonic
    carbonated water
  24. Sangria
    Red wine, fruits
  25. Top shelf tequila
    • Cuervo reservo
    • Cuervo 1800
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