Martyr of the Catacombs questions

  1. What drew people to the Coliseum?
    "thirst for blood."
  2. Describe some of the types of fighting that took place in the Coliseum.
    Hand to hand combat, gladiator fighting, group fightings.
  3. Who was Macer?
    One of the best gladiators, killed animals, very skilled.
  4. How were gladiators traditionally clothed? What was their customary weapon?
    Naked of loin cloth, sword
  5. How did the Romans view the Christians?
    They were a curse and must be dealt with.
  6. What was Marcellus' job?
    Bearer of dispatches, Praetorians
  7. According to Lucullus, what do the Christians believe?
    Plot against laws and religion of state. They hate their institutions, believe in Jesus.
  8. Was Marcellus happy with his new assignment? Why?
    No, he doesn't was to hunt down old men and weak children for an executioner.
  9. What made the catacombs such a good place to hide?
    Beyond the reach of the state, innumerable entrances.
  10. Who are the fossors?
    Excavate sand for builders, Christians, cut out graves. Know the passages.
  11. What is the Appian Way? What is found along the Appian Way?
    Famous road, lined by tombs
  12. What was so striking to Marcellus as he thought about all he saw as he walked down the Appian Way?
    Tombs were the last resting place of the great, noble and brave of elder days.
  13. Why did Marcellus go down in to the catacombs with Pollio?
    Pollio knew where to go and could guide Marcellus.
  14. What made the catacombs such a good hiding place for the Christians?
    It was dark, many turning points, hard to find way in.
  15. What reoccurring word did Marcellus find on so many of the tombs in the catacombs?
  16. What was especially striking to Marcellus as he began to walk through the tombs?
    Immense preponderance of small tombs which held children.
  17. What did Marcellus tell the congregation he was seeking after?
    The truth from the Christians.
  18. Why does Marcellus despise the Roman gods and goddesses?
    He learned from the writings of philosophers of Greece and Rome. The gods and goddesses were no better than him.
  19. According to Marcellus, what do Plato and Cicero teach?
    One supreme Deity, spirit after death
  20. Why was Marcellus, a Roman soldier, so impressed with the Christians he saw die at the Coliseum?
    They were still joyful and sang songs. Death was conquered.
  21. When Honorius begins to tell Marcellus about Jesus, where does he begin?
    How even though people sacrifice a lot for Christ, they count it all as none. Promise in Eden about how Satan's head would be bruised and prophets keeping the word of God.
  22. What do the "X" and "P" joined together mean?
    Christ the Lord
  23. What does the fish stand for?
    Glory and hope of the christian, Jesus Christ the Son of God.
  24. Anchor
    Signs of hope, Christian holds on to his heavenly home.
  25. Hawk
  26. Bird with branch
    hope of resurrection, innocence
  27. What does Honorius say is the difference between the false, pagan worship of Rome an the Christians?
    Sacrifices to demons doesn't get you slavation or take way sins, Jesus does. 
  28. According to Honorius, what was the purpose of persecution?
    Purify hearts of Christians and exalt faith
  29. According to Lucullus, what two things was Marcelus forced to choose between after his conversion?
    Christian or soldier
  30. What does Lucullus encourage Marcellus to do after telling him his punishment?
    To escape
  31. Where does Marcellus go to avoid punishment?
  32. How were the catacombs supplied with water?
    Wells and Fountains in the lowermost tier.
  33. In addition to the funeral, what was also held at each burial?
    Burial Feast and put remains in cell.
  34. After escaping to the catacombs, what job to Marcellus volunteer for?
    Expedition to the city for the Christians.
  35. Who was Brother Cinna?
    Son was burned at the stake which grief drove him crazy. Goes about city denouncing woe.
  36. Why does the Emperor become enraged?
    One of the Praetorian officers was converted to Christianity.
  37. Who is sent to hunt down the Christians?
  38. How did Chrysippius die?
    Someone led soldiers to the room of Christians. Chrysippus did not flee and refused, they then killed him.
  39. What was the true nature of the crime that the Romans were convicting Pollio of?
    It was not a crime, but Pollio following Jesus.
  40. What offer does Marcellus bring to Lucullus?
  41. How did the people watching Pollio's trial respond to his determination to remain faithful to Christ?
    They could not account for it.
  42. How did Pollio die? Who else died that day with Pollio?
    Tiger, brother Cinna
  43. How did Marcellus die?
    Burned at the stake
  44. Who was Honorius and what did he want from Lucullus?
    Elder among the Christians, Marcellus' ashes
  45. In the years immediately following Marcellus' death, what change came upon Lucullus?
    Felt sympathy for poor that associated with Marcellus, more helping to Christians.
  46. Did Lucullus become Christian?
  47. Under what Roman emperor was the persecution of the Christians in this book to have taken place?
  48. August Emperor.... I am a Christian. I will fight wild beasts, but I will not raise my hand against a fellow man. I can die, but I will not kill.
  49. Since these Christians have appeared, the empire has been declining. He has made up his mind to annihilate them. They are a curse and must be dealt with accordingly. You will soon understand.
  50. My religion can only hope that I may not be unhappy; theirs leads them to death with triumphant songs of joy.
  51. You are right Marcellus, in thinking that there is some great power which can do all this. It is not fanatacism... It is the knowledge of the truth and love for the living God. What you have sought for all our life is our dearest possession.
  52. The death with which you threaten me has no terrors; but the life you invite me is more terrible to me than a thousand deaths.
  53. Do not therefore throw away a life which yet may be serviceable to the State and happy to yourself. Cherish it for your own sake.
  54. Victory!
  55. His death was a triumph.. the death of Christians I have noticed before, but never have I been so struck by their hope and confidence.
  56. What environmental problem did the inhabitants of the catacombs have to deal with?
    Barely any light. Atmosphere was full of poisonous miasma.
  57. What was the sign of death for a gladiator fighting in the arena?
    Thumbs down
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