1. a mens reading group is forming its first meeting will be next thursday june 1
    A men's reading group is forming; its first meeting will be next Thursday, June 1.

  2. on labor day our family will stay in an orlando hotel and visit the regency center
    On Labor Day, our family will stay in an Orlando hotel and visit the Regency Center.
  3. this victorian needlepoint said alicia is that of mary queen of scots
    "This Victorian needlepoint," said Alicia, "is that of Mary, Queen of Scots."
  4. underline or quotes
    Poor Little Rich Girl (movie)
    Hawk Hunter (plane)
    Comparing Haiku with Other Poetry (book)
    • Poor Little Rich Girl (movie)
    • Hawk Hunter (plane)
    • "Comparing Haiku with Other Poetry" (essay, which is like a paper on a topic)
  5. that picture said tate was done by norman rockwell a famous american artist
    "That picture," said Tate, "was done by Norman Rockwell, a famous American artist."
  6. this recipe i believe calls for self rising flour said sharon
    "This recipe, I believe, calls for self-rising flour," said Sharon.
  7. located in northeast tansania mt kilimanjaro is the highest peak in africa
    Located in northeast Tansania, Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa.
  8. i think expressed debra that hampton virginia was started by jamestown colonists
    "I think," expressed Debra, "that Hampton, Virginia, was started by Jamestown colonists."
  9. during world war 1 many americans fought in europe on the allies side
    During World War I, many Americans fought in Europe on the allies' side.
  10. are the hausa people who live in nigeria of the islamic faith
    Are the Hausa people, who live in Nigeria, of the Islamic faith?
  11. our mexican food was hot extremely hot
    • Our Mexican food was hot -- extremely hot.
    • Our Mexican food was hot (extremely hot).
  12. is triangle x ranch located in grand teton national park of jackson wyoming
    Is Triangle X Ranch located in Grand Teton National Park of Jackson, Wyoming?
  13. yes those ladies holiday plans most definitely must be considered
    Yes, those ladies' holiday plans, most definitely, must be considered.
  14. samuel champlain a frenchman was the founder of fort quebec in canada
    Samuel Champlain, a Frenchman, was the founder of Fort Quebec in Canada.
  15. 12507 n 67th st
    scottsdale az 85254

    • 12507 n 67th St.
    • Scottsdale AZ 85254
  16. june 1 2010
    dear mano
    we arrived at two oclock last thursday may 7 lets meet next week at my aunts house on elkton ridge
    • June 1, 2010
    • Dear Mano,
    • We arrived at two o'clock last Thursday, May 7. Let's meet next week at my aunt's house on Elkton Ridge.
    • Always,
    • Lanzo
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