Anesthesia 101

  1. What is Anesthesia
    Loss of sensation with or with loss of consciousness
  2. What is Amnesia
    Loss of memory of an event or time period
  3. When is amnesia needed
    during general anesthesia

    during MAC cases
  4. What drugs are used for amensia
    benzodiapines (Midazolam)

    Induction agents (Propofol)

    Inhaled agents (Sevoflurane)
  5. What is analgesia
    pain releif without loss of consciousness
  6. When is analgesia needed
    Pre-op (if pt in pain)

    Intra-op maintenance of General Anesthesia

    During MAC, if block isn't effective
  7. what drugs are used for analgesia

    NSAIDS (Ketorolac)
  8. What is anxiolysis
    aprehension or fear relief
  9. when is anxiolysis needed

    during MAC
  10. What drugs are used for anxiolysis

    diphenhydramine (Benadryl) - sedative quality
  11. What does Hypnotic mean
    produces drowsiness

    induce sleep

    sleep like state
  12. When is a hypnotic needed

    during MAC (lower doses)
  13. Drugs used for Hypnotic property


  14. What are the adverse effects of anesthesia
    • vasodilation
    •  decreased
    •    B?P
    •    HR
    •    RR (ventilations)
    •    Temp
  15. What are Anesthesia priorities
    • Maintain adequate organ/system perfusion
    • Relieve pain, anxiety, & fear
    • Maintain internal milieu (temp, coag., acid/base)
    • Environment that accomodates surgeon
  16. what are the phases Anesthesia
    • Pre-op
    • Intra-op
    • Post-op
  17. What are the phases of pre-op
    • 1. DAMMITS
    •     Drugs, Airway, Machine, Monitors, IV, 
    •     Table, Suction

    • 2.  PreOp holding
    •      eval/consult, manage pain, IV,
    •      premed./anxiolytics
  18. What are the phases of IntraOp


  19. What are the phases of PostOp
  20. What are goals for induction
    • 1. Anxiolysis
    • 2. Pain relief (laryngoscope)
    • 3. Local (blunt airway reflexes)
    • 4. Hypnotic
    • 5. Relaxant
  21. what sign indicates proper hypnosis (induced sleep)
    no twitch from the eyelid when the eyelash is touched
  22. What must be done prior to injecting the relaxant to intubate
    successful bag/mask ventilation
  23. What is requirted for ETT Intubation?
    • L.A.P.I.B.E.M.O.S
    • Laryngoscope
    • Appropriate ETT
    • PreOxygenation
    • Induction
    • Bag/Mask ventilation
    • Eye tape
    • Muscle Relaxation
    • Oral airway/bite block
    • Suction
  24. What is RSI
    rapid sequence intubation
  25. how is RSI performed
    all induction drugs given together

    cricoid pressure

    fasciculations (intubate when they stop)

    *** no bag/mask vent
  26. requirements for RSI
  27. What is MAC in regards to level of anesthesia
    Minimum Alveolar Concentration

    concentration of inhalation agent required to prevent 50% of patients from responding to painful stimuli
  28.  what level of MAC will prevent movement in approx  95% of patients
  29. What is Monitored Anesthesia Care
    a.k.a.  MAC

    twilight sedation anesthesia

    may be awake or not 
  30. what is the diference between Local and regional  anesthesia
    • local -- small area loss of sensation
    •                  (numb incision site)

    • regional -- large area loss of sensation 
    •                   (epidural, spinal, peripheral block)
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