1. What is a Noun?
    the name of a person, place, or object,or concept: Student, book, city, courage.
  2. What is a Pronoun?
    A pronoun stands in place of a noun: I, youm she, etc. this, that, which, who etc.
  3. What is a verb?
    A verb is an action word, or a word of existence: walk, be.
  4. What is a Adjective?
    An adjective tells you more about the noun: A good student, a large book, a crowded city, great courage.
  5. What is a Adverb?
    An adverb tells you more about the action: she walked slowly, he was late.
  6. What is a Preposition?
    (hint position)
    A word to express postion of one word to another: The student walked under the bridge; I strolled around the city.
  7. What is a Article?
    A name for the defining adjectives a, an, the: a clever student; an open heart; the textbook.
  8. What is a Conjunction?
    (hint junction)
    A word that joins two sentences or clauses: he walked slowly because he was tired; she read the book and saw the movie.
  9. Exclamation or Interjection
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Parts of Speech