ET1 SWE Questions

  1. Sending a message on several frequencies at once is an example of which of the following transmission types?
    Frequency Diversity
  2. What type of diversity uses physically separated transmit and receive antennas to improve communications?
  3. Communications links have many modes of operation. One terminal in a link has its equipment setup in simplex. The other terminal is using two channels or frequencies in a configuration that allows sending and receiving of different messages at the time. These two terminals working together make up what mode of operation?
  4. A transmitted electromagnetic wave enters an antenna, induces a voltage into it, and passes that voltage to a receiver. What is this chain of events called?
  5. When a receiver picks one frequency out from all other frequencies, it’s performing which of the following basic functions?
  6. When a receiver separates the audio frequencies from the radio-frequency carrier it is performing which of the following basic functions?
  7. The receiver action of converting electrical energy to a usable format, such as sound, is an example of which of the following basic functions?
  8. Which of the following measurements provides an indication of the ability of a receiver to reproduce weak signals?
  9. Overall sensitivity of a receiver is limited by which of the following factors?
  10. How is a receiver’s ability to reject unwanted signals and receive desired signals determined?
  11. The IF in a receiver is produced by which of the following methods?
  12. The process of heterodyning takes place in which of the following receiver circuits?
  13. The process of simultaneous transmission of several intelligible signals on the same frequency during the same period of time is called?
  14. Which of the following categories of electromagnetic interference includes interference generated by electrically charged raindrops?
  15. Which of the following methods of reducing rf burn hazards is the most useful and widespread technique used?
    Bond and ground all metallic objects
  16. The greatest hazard from thermal effects appears to come from equipment operated in which of the following frequency ranges?
    1 to 3 gigahertz
  17. You have been working on a piece of equipment and your eyes have been exposed to high-intensity microwaves. Which of the following types of eye problems may occur?
  18. In a line of sight communications system, propagation is affected by which of the following layers of the atmosphere?
  19. Who was awarded both the medal of honor and gold life saving medal?
    Marcus Hanna, he served at Cape Elizabeth Light
  20. What is the reference for CSMP’s?
    NAVENG 9000.6D
  21. In what war did the Eagle re-capture 2 American vessels?
    The Quasi-war, the vessels were the Nacny and Mehitable
  22. What is not a factor on control/multiconductor cable?
  23. How often is portable test equipment checked?
  24. Category B Navy FBR’s should be mailed to?
  25. Tie wraps on a cable bundle are how far apart?
    2.5 times the diameter no more than 10 inches apart
  26. What reference is used for inspecting a workbench?
  27. What should the resistance be between the metal case and ground on a power tool?
    1 ohm
  28. A workbench breaker is rated at how many amps?
    20 amps
  29. What are shorting probes rated for?
    25,000 volts
  30. How are cables run on a cutter for battle damage reasons?
    Inside frames and along cable trays
  31. How often are direction finders calibrated?
    Every 12 months
  32. What determines the weekly PMS schedule?
    The quarterly
  33. What are the different cable classifications?
    Passive, Active, and Susceptible
  34. A direction finder must be re-calibrated if it is off by how many degrees?
  35. How long can someone work inside the PEL while a miniloop antenna is energized?
    6 minutes
  36. Multiconductor cable is bad when measured less than how many ohms between conductors?
    50,000 ohms
  37. Guy wire turnbuckle should have a what through it?
    A safety wire
  38. When megging an antenna what is a good reading?
    200 mega ohms
  39. Easiest way to get a better ground?
    Drive rod deeper
  40. High voltage signs need to be posted when voltages are over?
    500 volts
  41. What spacing is required between active, passive and susceptible cables?
    18 inches between active and passive and 2 inches between susceptible and passive
  42. How close can you be to electronics with jewelry on?
    4 feet
  43. How often is the lightning protection subsystem to be inspected?
  44. Navy preventative maintenance card that tells you specifically how to do something?
    Maintenance Requirement card
  45. What type of field change furnishes documentation only?
    Type 2
  46. A general court martial consist of?
    A judge and at least 5 members
  47. What is the advice code for an XB turn in items?
  48. Who received the Navy Cross at the battle of Guadalcanal?
    Raymond J. Evans
  49. Where do allowance change requests go to?
  50. Who was the first MCPOCG?
    Charles Calhoun
  51. How long does it take a radar pulse to travel one mile (back and fourth)?
    12.36 micro seconds
  52. In what year where paygrades E-8 and E-9 created?
  53. How do you address and O-8 in the Army, Air Force, or Marines?
    Major General
  54. How long are CSMP’s kept?
    3 years
  55. Ida Lewis was the caretaker of what lighthouse?
    Lime Rock in Rhode Island for 39 years
  56. What form number is allowance change request?
    CG 5323
  57. A single building with multiple power sources is grounded how?
    All grounded conductors shall be grounded at the first service disconnect means of each source
  58. What antennas are operated with one end grounded?
  59. Who maintains CSMP’s on cutters?
  60. To make changes to a CASREP what do you do?
    Send a CASUPDATE
  61. What type of field change furnishes documentation, parts, and special tools required to complete a change?
    Type 1
  62. The first chiefs were?
    Former life saving station keepers
  63. What type of field change implements changes to technical documentation only and requires no alteration to the equipment?
    Type 4
  64. Who should do test equipment audits?
  65. Fire control tracking radar usually produces what type of beam?
    Narrow and Circular
  66. What type of servo has a feedback loop?
    Closed loop
  67. Seams in floor matting will be sealed at a minimum with?
    4” wide 3M electrical insulating tape
  68. What form is used to order publications?
    CG 4428
  69. How many directorates are there?
  70. How many units work directly for headquarters?
  71. Where is the CG ensign flown at shore facilities?
    On the starboard yardarm
  72. What command can display all Battle Streamers?
  73. What service doesn’t have CWO?
    Air Force
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