1. Daunt
    to discourage, intimidate

    demoralize, disheartenm consternate
  2. Dearth
    lack, scarcity, insufficiency

    abscene, shortage, paucity
  3. Deferential
    respectful and polite in a submissive way

    courteous, obsequious
  4. Defunct
    no longer existing, dead, extinct

    gone, vanished, deceased, departedm extinguished
  5. Delegate
    to give power to another

    assign, entrust, commit, appoint, authorize
  6. Deleterious
    harmful, often in a subtle or unexpected way

    pernicious, harmful, detrimental, nocent, nocuous
  7. Demagogue
    leader, rabble-rouser, usually using appeals to emotion or prejudices

    agitator, inciter, instigator, fomenter, firebrand
  8. Demur
    to express doubts or objections

    protest, remonstrate, kick, expostulate, dissent
  9. Denigrate
    to slur or blacken someones reputation

    malign, belittlem disparage, vilify, slander
  10. Depravity
    sinfulness, moral curruption

    decadence, debauchery, enormity, corryption, degradation
  11. Deprecate
    to betlittle, disparage

    minimize, denigrate, discount
  12. Despot
    tyrannical ruler

    authoritarian, autocrat, dictator, totalitarian
  13. Diaphanous
    allowing light to show through; delicate

    sheer, transparent, gauzy, trandlucent; tenuous
  14. Diatribe
    bitter verbal attack

    tirade, jeremiad, fulmination, harangue, philippic
  15. Dichotomy
    division into 2 parts

    split, distinction, bifurcation, opposition
  16. Dictum
    authoritative statements; popular saying

    decree, edict; adage, apothegm, aphorism
  17. Didactic
    excessively instructive

    educational, improving, moralistic
  18. Diffidence
    shyness, lack of confidence

    timidity, reticence
  19. Digress
    to turn aside, to stray from the main point

    diverge, deviate, wander
  20. Dilapidated
    in disrepair, run-down, neglected

    decrepit, ramshackle, deteriorated, decayed
  21. Dilatory
    slow, trending to delay

    sluggish, tardy, unhurried
  22. Dirge
    funeral hymn

    elegry, threnody, lament
  23. Discrepancy
    difference between

    contradiction, divergence, incongruity, disparity, incompatibility
  24. Discretionary
    subject to ones own judgement

    elective, optional, voluntary, unforced
  25. Discursive
    moving from topic to topic without order

    digressive, rambling, unfocused
  26. Disdain
    to regard with scorn and contempt

    spurn, slight
  27. Disheveled
    untidy, disarranged, unkempt

    disordered, messy, rumpled
  28. Disinterested
    fair-minded, unbiased

    impartial, evenhanded, unprejudiced, dispassionate
  29. Disparage
    to belittle, speak disrespectfully of

    denigrate, derogatem ridicule, deride
  30. Disparity
    contrast, dissimilarity

    discrepency, contradiction, divergence, incongruity, incompatibility
  31. Dispassionate
    free from emotion; imparital, unbiased

    impassive, stolid; disinterested, evenhanded, unprejudiced
  32. Dispel
    to drive out or scatter

    disband, disperse
  33. Disperse
    to break up, scatter

    dissipate, disintegrate, dispel
  34. Disrepute
    disgrace, dishonor

    ignominy, infamy
  35. Dissemble
    to pretend, disguise ones motives

    feign, concea, cloack, camouflage
  36. Disseminate
    to spread far and wide

    circulate, diffuse, disperse
  37. Dissipate
    to scatter; to pursue pleasure to excess

    squander, disperse, consume, dissolve; carouse
  38. Dissonant
    harsh and unpleasant sounding

    discordant, inharmonious
  39. Dissuade
    to presuade someone to alter original intentions

    discourage, deter
  40. Diurnal

    daylight, daytime
  41. Dogged
    stubbornly persevering

    tenacious, obstinate, pertinacious, determined, mulish
  42. Dogmatic
    rigidly fixed in opinion, opinionated

    inflexiable, dictatorial, doctrinaire, authoritative, obstinate
  43. Dolefule
    sad, mournful

    funereal, somber, lungubrious, dismal, woeful
  44. Dour
    sullen and gloomy, stern and severe

    austere, strict, grave, solemn, somber
  45. Dowry
    money or property given by a bride to her husband

    dower, hope chest
  46. Draw
    pull, drag, attract

    haul, towm tug, lure, entice
  47. Droll
    amusing in a wry, subtle way

    witty, comic, funny, entertaining, risible
  48. Dulect
    pleasant sounding, soothing to the ear

    melodious, agreeable, sweet, harmonious
  49. Dupe
    to decieve, trick, fool, pawn

    hoodwink, cozen, beguile, gull
  50. Duplicity
    deception, dishonesty

    perfidy, infidelity, disloyal, treachery, guile
  51. Dyspeptic
    suffering from indigestion; gloomy and irritable 

    morose, solemn, melancholy, sour, acerb
  52. Ebb
    to fade away, recede

    retreate, subside, abatem wane, withdraw
  53. Eclectic
    selecting from various sources

    catholic, selective, broad
  54. Effrontery
    impudent boldness, audacity

    presumption, brashness, temerity, nerve, gall
  55. Egregious
    conspicuously bad

    blatant, flagrant, glaring, gross, rank
  56. Elegry
    mournful poem, usually about the dead

    dirge, manumit, release
  57. Emancipate
    to set free, liberate

    deliver, manumit, release
  58. Embroil
    to involve in; cause to fall into disorder

    implicate, ensnare; entangle
  59. Encomium
    enthsiastic praise 

    eulogy; panegryic, tribute
  60. Enervate
    to weaken, sap strenght from

    deplete, debilitate, drain, exhaust
  61. Engender
    to produce, cause, bring about 

    procreate, propagate, originate, generate
  62. Enigmatic
    puzzling, inexplicable

    mysterious, cryptic, baffling
  63. Enjoin
    to urge, order, command; forbid or prohibit. as by judicial order

    direct, instruct, charge; prohibit, proscribe
  64. Enmity
    hostility, antagonism, ill will

     animosity, antipathy, rancor, animus
  65. Ennui
    boredom, lack of interest and energy

    tedium, listlessness, world-weariness
  66. Enormity
    state of being gigantic or terrible

    outrageousness, atrociousness
  67. Ephemeral
    momentary; transient, fleeting

    transitory, fugitive, evanescent
  68. Epicure
    person with refined taste in food and wine

    gourmet, gourmand, connoisseur, gastronome
  69. Epigram
    short, witty saying or poem

    maxim, adage, aphorism
  70. Epilogue
    concluding section og a literary work

    afterward, finale
  71. Epitome
    representative  of an entire group; summary

    paragon, exemplar, prototype, quintessence; abstract
  72. Equine
    relating to horses

    horsy, asinine, mulish
  73. Equivocal
    ambiguous, open to more than one interpretation

    doubtful, misleading, uncertain
  74. Equivocate
    to use vague or ambiguous language intentionally

    mislead, prevaricate
  75. Erratic
    inconsistent, irregular

    eccentric, capricious, unstable, unpredictable
  76. Erudite
    learned, scholarly

    knowledgable, culturedm educatedm well-read, literate
  77. Esoteric
    understood by only a learned few

    mysterious, arcane, occult, recondite, secret
  78. Espouse
    to support or advocate; to marry

    champion, embrace, adopt
  79. Estrange
    to alienate, keep at a distance

    disaffect, separate, divorce
  80. Ethereal
    not earthy, spiritual, delicate

    intangible, diaphanous, airy, gossamer, sheer
  81. Etiolate
    to bleach and alter the natural development of (a green plant) by excluding sunlight

    blanch. decolorize
  82. Eulogy
    high praise, often in a public speech

    tribute, comendation, encomium, panegryic, salute
  83. Evanescent
    momentary, transitory, short-lived

    transient, ephemeral, fleeting, fugative
  84. Exacerbate
    to aggravate, deepen the bad qualities of

    worsen, escalate, intensify
  85. Exculpate
    to clear of blame or fault, vindicate

    exonerate, acquit
  86. Exigent
    urgent, excessively demanding

    pressing, imperative, compelling, critical, crucial
  87. Exorbitant
    extravagant, greater than reasonable

    excessive, immoderate, inordinate, extreme
  88. Expiate
    to atone for, make amends for

    answer, compensate, pay
  89. Expunge
    to erase, eliminate completely

    delete, cancel, efface, annul, obliterate
  90. Expurgate
    to censor

    cut, bowdlerize, sanitize
  91. Extort
    to obtain something by threats

    wring, coerce, blackmail, bludgeon, bully
  92. Extraneous
    irrelevant, unrelated, unnecessary

    immaterial, impertinent, extrinsic, foreign, alien
  93. Extricate
    to free from, disentangle

    disengage, untanglem releasem disencumber
  94. Facade
    face, front; mask, superficial appearance

    surface; pretens, cloak, guise, semblance
  95. Facile
    easily done; simplistic; poised, assured

    effortless; simple; nimble, fluent
  96. Fallow
    uncultivated, unused

    unseeded, inactive, idle
  97. Fanaticism
    extreme devotion to a cause

    zeal, mania, obsession
    careful with details

    meticulous, painstaking, scrupulous, punctilious, precise
  99. FATHOM
    to measure te depth of, gauge

  100. FATUOUS
    stupid, foolishly self-satisfied

    silly, absurb, preposterous, ridiculous, ludricrous
  101. FAWN
    to flatter excessively, seek the favor of

    kowtow, grovel, truckle
  102. FAZE
    to bother, upset, or disconnect

    discomfort, rattle, chargrin
    ineffective, carelessm irresponsible

    aimless, shiftless, lazy
  104. FECUND
    fertile, fruitful, productive

    prolific, flourishing
  105. FERVID
    passionate, intense zealous

    vehement, ardent, enthyysuastuc, avid, eager
  106. FETID
    foul-smelling, purtrid

    noisome, stinky, funky, malodorous, rank
  107. FETTER
    to bink, chain, confine

    shackle, manacle, handcuff, curb, tether
    ornamented openwork of delicate or intricate design on metal

    ornament, embellishment, decoration, latticework
  109. FLAG(v)
    to decline in vigor, strenght, or interest

    wane, subside, ebb, dwindle, slacken
    outrageous, shameless

    glaring, egregious, blatant, gross, rank
  111. FLAUNT
    to show off

    parade, foursihm vaunt, exhibit, display
  112. FLORA

    vegetation, botany, verdure, herbage
  113. FLORID
    gaudy, extremely ornate; ruddy, flushed

    ornate, flamboyant, ostentatious, loud, garish
    to falter, waver, muddle, struggle

    blunder, stumble, bumble, lurch, lumber
  115. FLUVIAL
    of, relating to, or living in a stream or river

    flowing, alluvial
  116. FORIBLE
    minor weakness or character flaw

    faultm failingm frailtym vice, blemish
  117. FOIL (v)
    to defeat, frustrate

    thwart, balk, check, baffle
  118. FOMENT
    to aroude or incite

    instigate, abet, promote
    recklessly bold

    reckless, rash, precipitate, temerarious
  120. FOP
    a man who is devoted to or vain about his appearance or dress

    coxcomb, dandy
    patience, restraint, leniency

    resignation, long-suffering, tolerance
  122. FORD
    to cross a body of water at a shallow place 

    traverse, wade
  123. FORTE
    strong point, something a person does well

    metier, speciality
    happening by chance, fortunate

    accidental, contingent, incidental
  125. FOSTER
    to nourish, cultivate, promote

    nurture, nurse, advance, further
  126. FOUNDER (v)
    to fall helplessly, sink

    miscarry, immerse, plunge
  127. FRACAS
    noisy dispute

    brawl, broil, donnybrook, fray, melee
    unruly, rebellion

    peevish, cranky, quarrelsome, contentious
    widly frantic, frenzied, hectic

    exicted, active, bustling, feverish
  130. FURTIVE
    secret, stealthy

    covert, clandestine, surrepitious, underhand, shifty
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