1. Weekly appts with pregnant pts
    • q4w until week 28
    • biweekly until week 36
    • weekly after that
  2. How soon can US detect pregnancy? (via fetal heart beat)
    5-6 weeks
  3. u/s measurement of nuchal space
    10-13 weeks
  4. When is CVS done?
    b/w 10-13 weeks
  5. abnl high levels of AFP
    increased risk for neural tube defects
  6. amniocentesis is generally performed when?
    15-18 weeks
  7. normal stress test
    two accelerations of fetal HR in 20 mins of up to 15 bpm from the baseline heart rate for a duration of 15 seconds and the absence of decelerations
  8. m/c cause of ectopic pregnancy
    occlusion of the tube secondary to adhesions
  9. biggest risk factors for ectopic
    previous ectopic, previous salpinigitis (PID), previous abdominal or tubal surgery, use of an IUD, and assisted reproduction
  10. labs in ectopic
    • serum hCG nl double q24h, if increase is less than expected, suspect ectopic
    • women with hCG titer >2000 should show evidence of a developing intrauterine gestation on TVUS
  11. dx of ectopic
  12. tx of ectopic
    • methotrexate (hcg >5k, mass <3.5 cm, hemodynamicall stable, compliant for f/u)
    • surgery (laparoscopy)
  13. abortion vs miscarriage
    abortion <20 weeks
  14. m/c form of GTD
    complete molar pregnancies
  15. m/c presentation of molar pregnancy
    abnl vaginal bleeding, uterine size > dates, hyperemesis gravidarium, pre-eclampsia like sx
  16. risk of developing diabetes after having GDM
  17. DM screening
    initially, then 24-28 weeks
  18. preterm delivery
    <37 weeks gestation
  19. mag sulfate
    tocolytic, stops contractions
  20. PROM
    rupture of amniotic membranes before onset of labor at or beond 37 weeks
  21. PPROM
    ROM < 37 weeks
  22. when are steroids administered?
    <34 weeks
  23. PIH
    HTN that presents after 20 weeks gestation
  24. when is rhogam administered?
    28-29 weeks to all Rh- mothers
  25. m/c cause of 3T bleeding
    abruptio placentae
  26. definitive tx of abruptio placentae
  27. With what placental issue are cervical examinations CI?
    placenta previa, bc it can incite severe bleeding
  28. hallmark of placenta previa
    painless vaginal bleeding
  29. how long is the first stage of labor?
    6-20 hours for nulliparous women, 2-14 hours for multiparous women
  30. second stage of labor is how long?
    30m-3h for nulliparous, 5-60 mins for multiparous
  31. early decelerations
    fetal head compression
  32. late decels
    uteroplacental insufficiency
  33. variable decels
    cord compression
  34. tx of endometritis
    • clinda plus gent first line
    • add amp if no response within 24-48 hours
    • flagyl if sepsis is present
  35. When does the uterus shrink/involute?
    2 days after delivery
  36. When does the uterus descend into the pelvic cavity?
    after 2 weeks
  37. When does uterus go back to antenatal size?
    6 weeks
  38. How long can lochia last?
    4-5 weeks post partum
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