1. Antibacterial
    Agent used to inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  2. Antifungal
    Agent used to treat fungal infections.
  3. Antipruritic
    A drug or chemical that reduces itching.
  4. Capsule body
    The bottom part of the capsule shell that contains the solid ingredients.
  5. Capsule lid
    The top part of a two-piece gelatin capsule that fits over the capsule body.
  6. Comminution
    The process of reducing particle size.
  7. Eutectic mixture
    Two or more chemicals that change from a solid form to a liquid when mixed together.
  8. Geometric dilution
    The process of mixing two solid chemicals together by taking equal parts of each in small amounts, mixing them thoroughly, and continuing to add small, equal parts of each until both are thoroughly mixed.
  9. Levigating agent
    A substance added to slightly wet powdered ingredients.
  10. Mesh sieve
    Sieve that has a number of small holes to allow a certain size of powders to pass through.
  11. Mucilage
    A mixture used to hold powders together when compounding lozenges.
  12. Protectant
    An agent, such as starch or talc, that is added to ingredients that may form an eutectic micture if triturated together (prevents two or more chemicals from reacting when mixed).
  13. Spatulation
    The process of mixing an ointment on an ointment slab with a spatula to ensure uniformity of particles.
  14. Trituration
    The process of reducing particle size using a mortar and pestle.
  15. Tumbling
    Mixing powders by placing them in a plastic bag or large jar and rotating it until mixing is completed.
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