1. Reconstitution
    Purified water or an appropriate liquid is added to a powder to produce a solution or suspension for oral administration.
  2. Pharmaceutical elegance
    A term used to describe a compounded formulation that is expertly made and packaged to present a pleasing appearance.
  3. Suspension
    A liquid in which particles are not dissolved but are dispersed when shaken.
  4. Powder displacement
    The amount of liquid that is discplaced by the powder in a powder for reconstitution.
  5. Solute
    A chemical that is to be dissolved in a liquid.
  6. Solvent
    A liquid that is used to dissolve a solute
  7. Solubility
    A figure that describes the amount of a solute that will dissolve in a given amount of solvent at a given temperature.
  8. Elixir
    A hydroalcoholic solution tht contains one or more dissolved drugs and is sweetened and flavored for oral use.
  9. Syrup
    An oral solution containing a high concentration of sugar.
  10. Saturated solution
    A solution that has the maximum amount of solute that will dissolve in that amount of solvent at room temperature.
  11. Spirits
    Alcoholic or hydroalcoholic solutions of volatile substances, often used for flavoring.
  12. Tincture
    An alcoholic solutuion of a drug that is much more potent than a fluid extract (do not substitute one for the other); an alcoholic or hydroalcoholic solution containing vegetable materials or chemicals made by a percolation or maceration process.
  13. Isotonic
    A medication having an equal pressure as the area of application.
  14. Vehicle
    A liquid (e.g., alcohol, mineral, oil, or water) used to dissolve a drug for oral or topical administration.
  15. Wetting agent
    A small amount of liquid used to moisten a powder so it can form a smooth mixture.
  16. Flocculated suspending agent
    A viscosity-increasing agent that forms a controlled lacework-like structure of particles that cause the suspension to settle slowly at rest but readily disperse the particles when shaken.
  17. Miscible
    Liquids that can be mixed without separating into two layers.
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