1. Schools in Cypress are named for?
    Outstanding Cypress citizens.
  2. Many Cypress citizens went to a _______ church.
  3. Recreation for children in Cypress included things such as ______ (List 5 things)?
    marbles, hoops and sticks, cards, and checkers.
  4. Cypress citizens traveled using __________, ___________, and _________.
    horses, wagons, and buggies.
  5. Early on, people in Cypress made a living by?
  6. What is an immigrant?
    A person who comes from another country to live in a different country.
  7. A way of doing something that is passed on from parents to children is called a ______________?
  8. A groups way of doing things is called a _____________?
  9. What is the holiday celebrated by Chinese people to
    honor their elders and their ancestors?
    Chinese New Year
  10. What is the holiday in May celebrated by Mexican
    Americans with a fiesta, parades, and piñatas?
    Cinco de Mayo
  11. What is the holiday celebrated for a week in December by
    African Americans with storytelling, dancing, and a feast?
  12. What is a holiday that celebrates the beginning of the Lent
    season with parades and costumes?
    Mardi Gras
  13. What is Communication?
    the sharing of ideas and information
  14. What has technology changed?
    The way we communicate.
  15. What do we use today (now) to communicate?
    Today we use computers, cell phones, and faxes.
  16. What did we use in the past to communicate?
    In the past, we used typewriters, dial phones, and letters.
  17. How can people learn about the past? List 4 items.
    Visiting museums and historic places and markers, reading old letters and diaries, and listening to recorded stories from the past.
  18. What is a source?
    Someone or something that can give information.
  19. What is history?
    the study of what happened to people in the past.
  20. What is a museum?
    A building in which objects from other times and places are displayed to help us learn about history.
  21. The Pilgrims sailed from England on the __________.
    The Mayflower.
  22. The Pilgrims celebrated their first good harvest with a _________.
  23. We celebrate this event (Feast) in November on______________.
    Thanksgiving Day
  24. England started colonies in America along the __________ Ocean.
  25. On July 4, 1776, the __________________, was written to explain that the settlers wanted to form their own country.
    Declaration of Independence
  26. What does independence mean in relation to our government?
    The freedom of people to choose their own government.
  27. America’s freedom is celebrated on ___________.
    July 4th
  28. This holiday honors all the brave men and women who have fought and died for our country. What is it called?
    Memorial Day
  29. Who was the 1st U.S. President and is known as the “Father of Our Country”?
    George Washington
  30. Who was the 16th U.S. President who was in office during the Civil War and freed the slaves?
    Abraham Lincoln
  31. Who was first African American Supreme Court Justice?
    Thurgood Marshall
  32. Who won a Nobel Peace Prize because of his efforts to find peaceful ways for all people to live together?
    Martin Luther King, Jr.
  33. Who was the woman who flew across the Atlantic Ocean?
    Amelia Earhart
  34. Who are the presidents on Mount Rushmore?
    • George Washington, Thomas Jefferson,
    • Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.
  35. What are goods?
    things that can be bought and sold
  36. What are services?
    work done for others for money
  37. An example of a good or service would be?
    A toy is a good and a haircut is a service.
  38. What is a consumer?
    a person who buys and uses good and services.
  39. What is a Producer?
    a person who makes, grows, or sells goods
  40. What is a business?
    the making or selling of goods and services.
  41. How can children make money?
    by taking care of pets, cleaning their rooms, or helping neighbors.
  42. Definition of income?
    the money people earn for the work they do
  43. What is free enterprise?
    The freedom to start and run any kind of business.
  44. Definition of bank?
    A business that looks after people’s money.
  45. What is the name of the memorial, or landmark, that honors U.S. Presidents from colonial to modern times whose work was important to U.S. history?
    Mount Rushmore
  46. What does scarce mean?
    not in good supply
  47. What is transportation?
    Ways of carrying people and goods from one place to another
  48. What is Trade?
    To exchange one thing for another.
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