1. Ointments
    Semisolid formulations containing one or more active ingredients intended to be applied to skin or mucous membrane.
  2. Cream
    Semisolid dosage froms containing one or more drug substances disolved or dispersed in a water-removable base.
  3. Emollient
    A chemical used to soften and lubricate the skin.
  4. Lubricant
    Agent that softens the skin and reduces friction when a suppository is inserted.
  5. Protectant
    An agent, such as starch or talc, that is added to ingredients that may form a eutectic mixture if triturated together; prevents two or more chemicals from reacting when mixed.
  6. Systemic
    A drug intended to be absorbed into the bloodstream and have an action away from the site of administration.
  7. Topical agent
    An agent intended to be applied to the skin or mucous membrane.
  8. Gels
    Ointment bases that are semisolid systems of organic or inorganic particles penetrated by a liquid; also called jellies.
  9. Paste
    An ointment base to which a sizeable amount of powder has been added.
  10. Oleaginous
    A base in which the oil is the external phase; usually greasy and non-washable.
  11. Levigation
    The process of reducing the particle size of a chemical by triturating or spatulating it with a small amount of liquid in which it is not soluble.
  12. Occlusive
    Covered in a manner that does not allow penetration by air or moisture.
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