1. How many hydraulic systems are on the airplane ?
    What are the main components of the hydraulic system?
    • 2 systems.
    • Each has an accumulator, two pumps and a reservoir.
    • One engine driven the other electric.
  2. What is the pressure on the engine driven pumps?
    Electric pumps? any difference in volume?
    • 3000 psi
    • 2900 psi
    • Yes electric pump puts out less volume
  3. What is the purpose of the Hydraulic resevoir?
    How many liters are held in the reservoir?
    When is a low quantity signaled?
    • Self pressurized to avoid cavitation.
    • 6 liters
    • < 1liter
  4. How does the hydraulic shut off valve close?
    Where is it installed?
    Can the Engine Driven pump be turned off?
    • By pressing the hydraulic ENG pump shutoff. By pulling the fire extinguishing handle.
    • Between the reservoir and the engine driven pump.
    • NO
  5. What are the hydraulic engine driven pumps driven by?
    The accessory gear box.
  6. What side is the priority valve located and what is its purpose?
    • Only on #1 engine.
    • Used to give the flight controls priority if pressure drops below 2600 psi and landing gear is commanded to retract.
  7. What is the purpose of the accumulator on the #1 system? #2 system?
    • Keep surges of the hydraulic system to a minimum.
    • Assists in raising gear if pressure drops below 2600psi with priority valve. Also let's four cycles of the main cabin door.
    • #2 six applications of emergency brake, will hold for 24 hours.
  8. When do electric pumps come on?
    • In AUTO MODE:
    • N2 is below 56.4% or
    • Hydraulic pressure <1600 psi="" br="">In ON mode: selected above.
  9. What are each hydraulic pump powered by?
    Powered by opposite DC bus.
  10. What is on hydraulic system 1? 2?
    • #1
    • Ailerons, rudder, outboard brakes, inboard spoilers, thrust reversers 1, landing gear, nose wheel steering, main door.
    • #2
    • Ailerons, rudder, inboard brakes, outboard spoilers, thrust reversers 2, emergency brake.
  11. How is the airstair main door operated?
    • raised by two hydraulic door actuators.
    • hydraulic system 1
  12. Where is the accumulator located for number one system?
    front right side.
  13. Why do we have four gear pins?
    for each landing gear and on for the hydraulics.
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