Spanish Vocab

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  1. casi
  2. lleno
  3. edad
  4. Yo era nacio...
    I was born in...
  5. I studied business at the Univ of Vic specializing in Entrep.
    yo estudié negocios en la Universidad de Victoria especializada en iniciativa emprasarial
  6. aparecer
    to appear
  7. en la actualidad
    nowadays, presently
  8. asistir (a)
    to attend
  9. cubrir
    to cover
  10. describir
    to describe
  11. subir
    to climb, go up
  12. unir
    to unite
  13. discutir
    to discuss
  14. descubrir
    to discover
  15. panaderia
  16. la banda
  17. el pan
  18. el cumplido
  19. el horno
  20. a veces
  21. echar una siesta
    to take a nap
  22. enseñar
    to teach
  23. libreria
  24. las gafas de sol
  25. tener prisa
    to be in a hurry
  26. tener razon
    to be right
  27. tener sueño
    to be tired
  28. la torta
  29. gran
    great big (before a noun)
  30. Decir (conjugated - present)
    digo, dices, dice, decimos, decis, dicen
  31. Oir (present)
    oigo, oyes, oye, oimos, ois, oyen
  32. esta nublado
    its cloudy
  33. esta seco
    its dry
  34. esta lloviendo
    its raining
  35. esta lluvioso
    its rainy, wet
  36. esta humedo
    its humid
  37. jugar a los naipes
    to play cards
  38. jugar a las damas
    to play checkers
  39. jugar al billar
    to play pool
  40. jugar al ajedrez
    to play chess
  41. el invitado
  42. maravilloso
  43. Saber (when to use it)
    knowing facts or information
  44. Conocer (when to use it)
    Familiar with a person place or thing
  45. arreglar
    to arrange
  46. la cocinera
  47. Conocer (meaning)
    to meet OR be familiar with
  48. pues
  49. aprobar
    to approve
  50. colgar
    to hang (up)
  51. contar
    to count
  52. costar
    to cost
  53. devolver
    to return (an object)
  54. encontrar
    to find
  55. envolver
    to wrap (up)
  56. morder
    to bite
  57. morir
    to die
  58. mostrar
    to show
  59. mover
    to move (an object)
  60. probar
    to prove, test, sample, taste
  61. recordar
    to remember
  62. resolver
    to solve
  63. sonar
    to sound, ring
  64. soñar (con)
    to dream (about)
  65. tostar
    to toast
  66. volar
    to fly
  67. cerrar
    to close
  68. perder
    to lose

    pierdo, pierdes, pierde, perdemos, perdeies, pierden
  69. hervir (meaning + present conj.)
    to boil

    hiervo, hierves, hierve, hervimos, hervis, hierven
  70. referir
    to refer
  71. sentir
    to feel sorry, regret
  72. sugerir
    to suggest
  73. temblar
    to tremble
  74. tropezar (con)
    to stumble, bump into
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