1. Murphy's sign
    deep pain on inspiration while fingers are placed under the right rib cage; cholecystitis. 
  2. Prehn's sign
    positive when lifting scrotum and pain is relieved; epididymitis

    negative when lifting scrotum and pain is still present; testicular torsion
  3. Kernigs
    pt lays down leg is elevated and knee flexion elicits pain. Meningitis
  4. Brudinski sign
    Pt lays down and neck is bend causing pt to flex knees. Meningitis
  5. What is gold standard for diagnosing choleycystitis?
  6. high pitched, tinkling bowel sounds are seen in what condition?
    bowel obstruction
  7. What is psoa's sign?
    pain w/ right thigh extention
  8. what is obturator sign?
    pain w/ internal rotation of flexed right thigh
  9. what is positive rovsing's sign?
    right lower quadrant pain when pressure is applied to the left lower quadrant
  10. Levine sign
    pt states feels like squeezing of heart, angina
  11. outpatient Treatment for angina
    nitrate, betablocker, calcium channel blocker
  12. Common hypercholesterolemia drugs
    statin, niacin, fibrates
  13. Changes in I, aVL in ekg
    MI in lateral part of heart
  14. Changes in II, III, aVF in ekg
    MI in inferior part of heart (underneath heart)
  15. Changes in V leads or V3 and V4 in ekg
    MI in anterior part of heart (straight in heart)
  16. which cardiac enzyme are cardioselective?
    troponin I and CK-MB
  17. S1
    closure of mitral and tricuspid valve
  18. S2 
    closure of aortic and pulmonary valve
  19. Ms. ARD
    Mitral stenosis, aortic regurgitation diastole
  20. Mr. ASS
    Mitral regurgiation, aortic stenosis, systole
  21. S3
    kentucky, heard in heart failure and pregnancy
  22. S4
    tennessee, heard in MI, chronic hypertension, ventricular hypertrophy
  23. murmur heard in 5th ICS
  24. murmur heard in right 2nd or 3rd ICS
  25. acute heart failure
    left sided, caused by acute MI or valve rupture
  26. chronic heart failure
    right sided, caused by inadequate compensatory mechanism to improve cardiac output
  27. MI management
    1st- ASA 325mg to chew, 2nd NTG sl q5 mins x3, 3rd begin O2
  28. Campylobacter jejuni is treated with?
  29. Salmonella is treated with?
  30. Shigella is treated with?
  31. Giardia lamblia is treated with?
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