Here's to your Health

  1. What are the parts of psychosocial health?
    • spritual
    • emotional
    • mental
    • social
  2. What part of health consists of your thoughs about what gives life purpose-- the meaning of life, religion?

    C. Spiritual Health
  3. What part of health consists of your feelings and reactions?

    C. Emotional Health
  4. What part of health consists of your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and values?

    C. Mental Health
  5. What part of health consists of your interactions with others in social situations?

    B. Social Health
  6. Describe self efficacy
    a person's belief that they can perform a task successfully
  7. Describe self esteem
    how much someone values and respect his or herself
  8. What kind of  theorists  believe that behavior and personality are linked to their genetics?

    D. Biological
  9. What kind of  theorists see an individual as a blank slate where impressions are made based on positivie and negative expericences ?

    B. Behaviorial
  10. What kind of  theorists study how the mind is involved in knowing, learning, remembering, and thinking?

    D. Cognitive
  11. What kind of  theorists believe that all  people are inherently good and are motivated to achieve their full potential?

    D. Humanistic
  12. What theory revolves around an individuals unconcious motivation?

    B. Psychoanalytical
  13. What theory emphasizes the importance of the classification of the mind's structures and focused on concisous thought?

    D. Structuralism
  14. What theory studies the mind and behavior in adapting to the environment?

    A. Functionalism
  15. What theory debates whether or not children are born with what they were meant to have, some being bad seeds; and that all children are good, it is the way they are brought up that effects their actions?

    B. Nature vs Nuture
  16. Who created structuralism?
    Wilhelm Wundt
  17. Who created functionalism?
    William James
  18. What do the endocrine glands do?
    create and release chemicals into the bloodstream
  19. describe the function of the pituitary gland
    • releases hormones that regulate the hormone secretion of other glands
    • located at the bade of the skull
    • size of pea
    • controls release of hormones from the gonads
  20. Describe the function of the adrenal gland
    • secretes epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine
    • affects moods, energy level and stress
  21. What are the 3 parts of the Autonomic Nervous System?
    • sympathetic nervous system
    • parasympathetic nervous system
    • enteric nervous system
  22. Describe the autonomic ervous system
    • involuntary systems and functions
    • important in the fight or flight response
    •  e.g.: in stress or emergency give us extra adrenaline
    •  e.g.: in non stress times allows us to rest and digest
  23. What are the 3 phases of General Adaptation Syndrome?
    • alarm 
    • resistance
    • exhaustion
  24. What do you call what happens to our bodies when we experience stress?
    General Adaptation Syndrome
  25. Define Stress
    our response to any change
  26. What is anything that causes us to have to adjust to a new situation or change?
    a stressor
  27. What do you call what happens to our bodies when we get stressed?
  28. What is the name for stress that we can use positively for our personal growth is called?
    • eustress
    • e.g.: getting married, starting a new job
  29. What is the name for stress that can have a negative effect on us?
    • Distress
    • e.g.: injury, financial problems, death of a loved one
  30. What do you call something that helps you relieve stress?
    a defense mechanism
  31. What is the complete rejection of a feeling or situation?

    B. Denial
  32. Hiding feelings and not acknowledging them is called ?

    D. Suppression
  33. Turning a feeling into the opposite feeling is called?

    A. Reaction Formation
  34. Transfering your thoughts and feelings onto others is called?

    B. Progression
  35. Feelings that are redirected to someone else is called?

    D. Displacement
  36. Denying your feelings and comoing up with ways to justify your behavior is called?

    C. Rationalization
  37. Reverting back to your old behavior is called?

    A. Regression
  38. Redirection of feelings into a socially productive activity is called what?

    D. Sublimbation
  39. What do you call the negative perception about a group of people as a whole which may or may not be true?

    C. Predjudice
  40. What is the name for a family in which there are physical, emotional, or other types of abuse or violence as well as any negative interactions?

    A. Dysfunctional Family
  41. What is the term used to describe a person who now gives up in the face of a challenge or difficulty consistently because they have failed in the past?

    A. Learned Helplessness
  42. _____ is when an an ovum or egg is fertilized by sperm.

    A. Conception
  43. _____ is a method used to prevent conception.

    C. Contraception
  44. not having directo contact with partner's genitals is called _____.

    C. Abstinence
  45. _____ is thin latex designed to catch sperm upon ejaculation.

    D. Condom
  46. _____ aka 'the pill' is designed to prevent pregnancy

    A.  Oral Contraceptive
  47. ____ are chemicals meant to kill sperm

    A. Spermicides
  48. A small device used to block acces to the uterus is called?

    C. Diaphragm
  49. A T-shaped device implanted in the uterus is called?

    C. IUD
  50. Drugs that are taken within 3 days to prevent pregnancy are called ______

    D. Emergency Contraceptive
  51. A progesterone (shot) that is given every 3 months is called ______.

    C. Depo Provera
  52. A long lasting contraceptive where 6 capsules are injected in the arm is called _______

    B. Norplant
  53. Permanent fertility control done through surgical procedures is called _________.

    A. Sterilization
  54. The medical means of terminating a pregnancy is called an ______
  55. What is the name for an M.D. specializing in obstetrics and gynecology?
    Obstetrician - gynecologist
  56. What is the name for an M.D. that provided comprehensive care of people of all ages?
     Family Practitioner
  57. What is the name for an experienced practitoners who can attend pregnancies and deliveries?
  58. What is the name for identical twins?
    monozygotic twins
  59. What is the name for fraternal twins?
    Dizygotic twins
  60. Something that determines physical traits and is inherited from one or both parents is called a ______.
  61. the name for a fertilized ovum or egg is a ______
  62. What is another name for a newborn?
  63. What is the term used to describe the critical period of development of a fetus in the first 3 months in the womb?
    Prenatal Development
  64. Describe Anoxia
    • brain damage cause by failure to breathe
    • mostly happens during pregnancy
  65. How many pairs of chormosomes do humans have?
  66. How many total chromosomes do humans have?
  67. Describe Down syndrome
    • mutation
    • caused by having one extra chromosome
    • grand total of 47 chromosomes
  68. Describe Mental Retardation
    • having a low IQ
    • having a low mental age of about 4 years old
  69. Describe Autism
    • a lack of responsiveness to other people
    • usually found in the first 2.5 years of childhood
  70. What is the name for the disease that is also called German measles?
  71. What is the 'Critical period'?
    a period of development when a certain even will have the greatest impact
  72. Describe  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
    • when babies are in the womb while their mother was consuming alcohol
    • causes slow growth, body and face malfunctions, nervous system disorders and mental retardation
  73. Describe Fetal tobacco syndrome
    • happens if mother smokes while pregant
    • babies will have a 50% greater risk of childhood cancer
    • born with low birth weight
  74. What is Amniocentesis?
    when a sample is taken from fluid in the amniotic sac to be tested for diseases
  75. What is the most popular method of delivery?
  76. ________ started instruction on natural prepared childbirth

    C. Dr. Grantly Dick Read
  77. What is the term used to describe when a baby is born in pool or bath ?
     Gentle birth
  78. what is the term used to desribe when a baby is delivered surgically?
    Cesarean birth
  79. Describe RH Factor
    • a blood protein
    •  i fmother is rh positive and carrying  rh negative baby  the mother will creat antibodies which will try ro kill the baby
    • leading to miscarriage
  80. What is the term for depositing  the semen into the body via  athin tube by a doctor called?
    Alternative insemination (artifical insemination)
  81. Fertilization of the egg done outside the body then transferred back into the bodyis called ______.
    In vitro fertilization
  82. Who is known for teaching women breathing procedures to get through childbirth
    Ferdinand Lamaze
  83. What is the method of breathing through child birth as taugh by Ferdinand Lamaze
  84. The growth of the brain is complete at birth.

    A. True
    B. False
    B. False
  85. The term used to describe the birth of a dead baby is?
  86. The death of a child under the age of 1 year for no apparent reason is called ______
    Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  87. Diseases which are transmitted sexually, such as herpes, and AIDS are called_________
  88. a disease which can somtimed result in fatality that can occure with the excessive use of tampons or leaving a diaphragm in too long is known as ________.
    Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)
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